Spring doesn’t promise tulips here

Spring mostly doesn’t promise tulips here because the ducks ate them a few years ago. True story, but it’s a moot point anyway because about the time the tulips were thinking of blooming it was time to plant the garden and they would have been in the way. So perhaps the ducks did me a favor. After all, that is the very end of May, beginning of June and aren’t they supposed to be a herald of spring? Like a promise of more things to come in May and June? Not happening themselves in those months?

I’ve heard robins are the same thing. I remember as a kid we watched for the first robin and would then run and tell mom . She would always proclaim that spring was here because robins were the first thing to show up. Now, I’ve seen a robin this year as he sat hunched in a snow drift looking for all the world like  a very cruel prank had been played on him. Can you just hear it playing out, ” Hey Rob, we are heading out first thing in the morning,  the early  bird catches the worm and gets first pick of the girls! ” Rob of course, always being the last in the bunch at everything was determined to get a jump on them and prove for once that he was capable, man they would be so embarrassed and would have to admit that he was worth keeping around after all. The girls would sure look at him, when they all finally arrived…… Meanwhile the others are still in Texas laughing.

I’m not kidding when I say that that is exactly what he looked like. All he needed was a caption bubble above his head. So no, I don’t look for robins anymore.


I hope every year to find one of their feathers or a hatched egg shell, but to no avail.


I wait for the cranes. They absolutely fascinate me. The sound they make as they are flying over sends my imagination into overdrive. They truly sound like what I think dinosaurs had to have sounded like. Then there are those legs, carrying around all of those gorgeous feathers and their red masks. Seriously, the whole bundle makes me happy. And when I say a big bird makes me happy, you know it must truly because big birds tend to scare me. (mom had mean geese when I was a kid, I’m working through it….) To me, these birds, not the calendar, say when our version of spring is here. This year it came on the 17th.

Sring doesn't mean tulips here

The view out the living room window

The cranes don’t promise warmer weather, but they do promise a difference. It’s a difference that say’s maybe we will have days of rain mixed in with the days of snow. A difference that says the mud is coming, the creeks are indeed breaking up, the grass is going to start showing up in little patches, and that maybe, just maybe, it’s safe to get out the graph paper and start planning this years garden.

I’ll just make sure when planning said garden, that it’s nowhere close to the ducks….

Love from here,

Spring doesn't mean tulips around here

And just when Red thought she knew every bird around…

What are the things that say spring to you and when does your spring arrive? It’s ok, be truthful, I won’t get (too) jealous!


10 thoughts on “Spring doesn’t promise tulips here

  1. A bluebird just built it’s nest here! Its a family that returns each spring! It’s one of my joys.

    So many times I just don’t know about these Smoky Mountain boonies. I’m a Florida girl…where there is no spring, just summer!

    Here I see gorgeous early blossoms on the redbud, dogwood, star magnolia, and fruit trees and I think, “Spring is coming!” Then subfreezing temperatures kill the blossoms. (No fruit again this year!) I see the robins of spring, then the robins begin staying here year-round! They are feisty birds! I see daffodil, tulips, crocus, irises, and forsythia..all heralds of springtime! Then a frost kills the forsythia, daffodil, and daylilies; the chickens got the tulips before the frost claimed them!

    I’m tested here..but I’ll persevere! The land has it’s own beauty. It is hard, but it is a place with a special peace of it’s own. It’s “Our Homeplace”!

    • Oh how well I understand what you just described!! Spring comes here but it’s not what you see in picture books. It’s slow and cold and then hot and then freezing and then…..
      I’ve always wanted to see that part of the country. The photos are always so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your part of spring with me, I like to know that while some people do have the picture book seasons that there are others who might see it a bit differently. 🙂

  2. The first thing that makes me think spring will arrive here in Western New York? All the maple trees along the roads and in the woods are tapped, and syrup season begins. All too often, there are big snow storms and icy roads, but the fact that the “sap is running’ means that the trees are thinking spring, too.

    • I love that feeling! (not of tree tapping, that is something I hope to experience one day) no, the feeling that nature knows what’s coming and is preparing herself even when we can’t see the signs. It means that while we might have a little bit of nasty left, it’s almost over! Thank you for sharing your glimpse with me, Meredith! ❤

  3. Spring in southwest Idaho is when the snow has melted and the frost is working its way out of the ground making the surface mushy and not suitable to walk on…😕 The robins do not necessarily mean Spring here. The return of the flocks of geese hold promise of Spring. Perennial flowers pushing up through the ground; pastures greening up…that’s Spring here in my neck of the woods. ☺ The garden is never planted before Memorial day weekend. Even then, you had better be prepared for a possible cool night for another week or so.

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