What to do with a quiet moment….

Wednesdays are one of our busy days here. We have our normal school, but there is also Bible study in the afternoon. I host it here at the house to guarantee that I clean at least once a week. I mean, not really…. but then again, there may be some truth to that statement. Let’s just say that it’s an added benefit of leading the study and if you are ever going to do a surprise visit, Wednesday is the day I would prefer. Not Friday when it looks like a bomb went off, or Monday when the house is recovering from the weekend. Wednesday. Maybe Thursday morning, like say, before 8 am, but Wednesday is definitely  best.

So the house is clean, school is done, Bible study is over, and dinner is in the crock pot. Here I sit at 3 in the afternoon with none of my normal work to do. All of my checklist done. It’s miraculously quiet, the sun is shining in the living room window, and did I mention that it’s clean in here? I love this feeling. And yet….

I feel like I should be doing something. I should go find some work to do. I can’t just sit here. Can I? Surely if I am sitting here I should at least be being productive. Maybe I should start knitting that baby hat, or see if there is laundry to fold. There is always laundry to fold. Should I read or work on my study? Should I get up and…..what? What should I do?!  Why am I so bad at this?

You know what I am going to end up doing? I’m going to end up sitting here until it’s time for me to finish up dinner prep, and the whole time I’m going to be a mess trying to figure out how to just sit here and enjoy the quiet, clean moment I have been blessed with. What in the world is wrong with me, people?!

I guess that is a question that will have to be answered another time, for right now I need to go start the dinner rolls…… at least I know how to do that…..

Love from here,


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