And the unveiling reveals….

The clouds have been sticking really low the last three days. All huddled together whispering, they never once broke ranks.

Like children huddled behind a closed curtain on the big school stage, they whispered and jostled and bounced around in excitement until they were finally given the go ahead to start the show.

The opening act lasted for days and as they poured down their rain in one large mass you couldn’t tell one cloud from the other. We sat patiently through this part, enjoying the fun they were obviously having and knowing that eventually they would move on to the next scene. As the curtains closed on act one, we waiting expectantly…..

As the curtain slowly pulled back for act, two the first thing we noticed were how the clouds were starting to become individuals again. They were still huddled, just in smaller groups this time, but what caught our attention and what made us look closer, was the way they were expectantly watching us. Waiting for us to notice the grand unveiling, they twittered behind their masks, some looking excited, some nervous.

As our eyes took all of this in, we also noticed in amazement what this grand unveiling revealed. Being unexpected, there was a moment of stunned silence when the clouds that were nearest their creation gathered closer, ready to hide it at the slightest hint of disappointment from those of us watching. As we let the sight sink in though, they must have seen in our demeanor an acceptance, and maybe an excitement at the thought of future scenes to come, for they seemed to all release a collective breath together as the curtain slowly sank back down, preparing for the next show.

Those of us in the audience are now the ones whispering and jostling each other as we expectantly wait for the rest of the show, wondering just what they have in store for us next.

And what was the grand unveiling, you may ask?

First snow in August ~ From a Montana Front Porch

First snow in August ~ From a Montana Front Porch

Love from the audience,




6 thoughts on “And the unveiling reveals….

  1. This might be your best work yet, my young friend with the old soul…especially:
    “…we also noticed in amazement what this grand unveiling revealed…Love from the audience.” SUPERB!

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