If patience were a blanket

Patience – Calm endurance of hardship or annoyance or inconvenience or delay.

If patience could be described as a blanket, I can honestly say that I am not a decorative crochet throw. I’m also most definitely not a water shedding woolen. I probably fall into the comfortably knitted category. You know, the one that stretches at those times when you need it to the most, but isn’t always that accommodating.

As a human, patience is a concept that I know to be good. As they say, patience is a virtue. We applaud those who can exemplify this trait.

As a human, I struggle on a daily basis with this. A lot of people ask me how I do it with all the kids at home all the time. How do I hold onto my patience all the time? HAHAHAHA, the secret is that I don’t. The kids would be the first to tell you that. I have had ten years to adjust to having the kids at home. If you had thrown me into a house with five of someone else’s kids I would have gone crazy. But these monsters are mine and I know them.

We have raised them to be unique. We have been raising country kids that are not afraid to get dirty,

to play rough,

to speak their minds (within reason of course), or to engage whole heartedly in the life around them. We didn’t want meek little mice for children and we didn’t get them.

No, my patience doesn’t usually run short with our hooligans. It runs short with adults that want our kids to fit into their idea of a perfectly behaved child. It sets my teeth on edge and my mind to whirling with all of the very unkind things I would like to say. How I would like to say that if I wanted advice from parents who only have little girls on how an eight year old boy should act, that I would ask for it. How if I wanted children that were so meek and timid that they couldn’t look a smiling adult in the face, I would definitely come to them, but that I haven’t reached that point in my parenting yet. Ah yes, the unkind things that swirl around my mind but thankfully never come out.

Hmm, maybe I’m a tighter knit blanket than I thought…

Love from my needing to rant self,






5 thoughts on “If patience were a blanket

  1. Great read! Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself. Those pics…precious, every one. When someone asks me how I do it, being with my kids all the time, I ask, “How could you not?”

  2. Your confirm what I will always will believe. It’s you and your husband’s love behind the patience that counts, that what makes it work. We raised 2 boys, now 2 good solid God fearing adults the same way and I second what your saying.

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