Instagramish week 7

Spring is being a tease this year. Showing up one day to show us his undershirt of green, and the next covering back up with his fancy jacket of white. One of these days I just know he is going to get tired of his own game and decide to stay for good. I do believe we will all greet him with open arms. Some of my favorite instagramish moments from this last week,

Some random thoughts, Why is it that when kids get sick they have to do it on different days? Why not all at once? It would be so much more convenient. Maybe I should bring that up with them next time.

Calving is about half way done now and we can’t wait for it to be over. However, with so much cute running around all over the place, I really do love this season! Stressful yes, worth it, definitely!

I’m in search of a milk cow. When we weren’t looking for one, they were all over the place for sale. Now, I can’t even find one! Anybody want to mail me one? I’ll share…..

Have you ever made a list of all the things that you would like to learn about, or learn to do? I made one this last week. I was fascinated by the variety of things on that list that I had never stopped to think about until I had them written down. I went ahead and decided to venture into two of them right away, so I dug out my knitting needles determined to really try this time around. Then I ordered a book on embroidery and new needles. They came today! It’s the little things that cause the most excitement for me, and this was a high point for me.

The highest point of my week though, happened yesterday. Little Jolly Rancher said “home”!! I was a bit of an emotional wreck after that, but in the best possible way. I hope your week is full of all of those little moments that mean the most.

Love from here,


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12 thoughts on “Instagramish week 7

  1. You described this Spring perfectly… it’s certainly playing a game of hide and seek 🙂 So many great pictures in this post!

    Making a list of all the things I want to learn sounds so interesting! Sometimes I use my Pinterest farming/homesteading page to collect everything I want to learn, but writing it down in pen and paper sounds much more enjoyable!

    • 😀 I have many pins of things I want to do/learn on Pinterest as well. I have found though that if I take a couple of them and write them down, I am more likely to actually try them! I’m a list maker anyway, so it makes sense to me. 🙂 ~ Bobbie

  2. Don’t tell everyone/anyone (whichever), but your Montana Front Porch is one of a very few “blogs, or as I call it netpubs”, that I really enjoy. Your pictures are fantastic. Something about your writing is always upbeat, positive… The Curmudgeon

  3. Lately, I’ve wondered where you’ve gone! Are you still blogging? Or did life take over like many others? However it is, I do hope the winter is being kind to you, and I look forward to your next post. Cheers from Texas, Bobbie.

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