Instagramish Week 5

Some of my favorite, if random, moments from last week…


After spending two hours getting the small fries to go to sleep I have just a few random thoughts to finish with,

How can a child who is completely, 100% exhausted,u fight sleep for hours? How do they do it?

And why, why, why, do they do it? What possesses them to fight such a marvelous thing like sleep?

How then, after finally giving in, does the same child hear the tiniest noise from the parent downstairs and wake back up? How when said parent, who in an effort to preserve her sanity, is using full-out stealth-ninja mode? How??

The guard dog acts like a parent at times. Example, if you are one of the dogs or cats and you are not in the mudroom by bedtime, he sees that you learn your lesson by guarding the dog door and not letting you in. For as long as he sees fit. Usually all night. Especially if it’s cold out.

The cats have started jumping up at the doors he’s not guarding, trying to open the door knobs. Scares me every. single. time.

I have found much to my delight that Scholastic is still as fun to order from today as it was when I was in elementary school! What about you, were you a scholastic book club fan like me? I remember being allowed to pick one book, and oh the fun! Looking through the paper, deciding and then changing my mind and deciding again. The day the teacher handed out the books…..sigh….. still makes me happy to remember it! Now the orders are obviously for the ranch kids, but still, a box of books! What’s not to love?

Last thought, I started writing this in a moment of triumph after finally getting all of the kids asleep. About half a sentence in, Ranch Pixie woke up and came down to test the itty bitty bit of patience I had left at the end of the day. Curled up and passed out on my lap now, she makes it hard to type, but in this moment, I wouldn’t move her for the world.

Goodnight with love from here,




2 thoughts on “Instagramish Week 5

  1. Indeed… Ordering from Scholastic! I do vaguely recall it and as you say, the anticipation! I also loved “Highlights” and still printed out the hidden pictures for my kids until a couple of years ago. I really liked a number of your (freezing) photos!

  2. Scholastic is still a favorite. Even though all four of mine will be at home this next school year, I will still be volunteering and shopping our school’s Scholoastic Book Fair twice a year. We always know just what we want for our bookshelves!

    I sang to all my babies. By the time they were three or so, I wouldn’t even make it through the third stanza before their little eyes were closed. Ginny, my littlest girl, still requests a song and a “bump” every now and then. Only my oldest boy fought the Sandman. I had tricks up my sleeve that would (at the least) win me an hour or so during the day as he reluctantly napped. Exhausting, motherhood is. I feel your pain!

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