An Hour of Silence

I found myself alone for a whole hour last Sunday. Read: all kids gone at the same time. Cowman had taken all of them to Sunday school for me and as the door closed behind six sets of noisy feet, the silence could be felt. It quite literally felt like a hug.

Now, there is something about a hug that is quite natural while at the same time having the potential to be awkward and uncomfortable. A hug from a friend or family is a thing of comfort. However, if it comes from a source you don’t know very well it can cause some very conflicting feelings.

  • Do you stand there stiffly, not sure of the proper response so erring on the side of caution you do nothing?
  • Do you tentatively hug/pat the hugger back, still not sure of what to do but not wanting to not respond.
  • Or, do you respond enthusiastically, knowing that in this life all the hugs you can get are needed?

As I stood there looking at the closed door, I was hit with the first response. I quite honestly didn’t know what to do so I just stood there, staring at a door. Seconds passed as I tried to decide on the best response.

Should I simply sit and do nothing? Or should I frantically clean? After all, with no one there to ask questions or “help” I could probably get a LOT done! Oh, what to do, what to do…..

Finally in the end I decided on all of the above. I knew that I couldn’t sit there and do nothing the whole time or afterwards I would regret it. I would spend the rest of the day with a mind full of should-haves and why-didn’t-I’s. So I did a little of this and that. Laundry folded in quiet, devotional time without knocking on the door to see what I could possibly be doing in there without them.

The most exciting part though, was sweeping the floor. I felt the most victory during this chore. Seems silly right? The secret of this happiness lies in one simple fact: there were no little hands digging through my pile of dirt to pull out all of the treasures I shouldn’t be throwing away! They were able to be laid to rest peacefully in the land of broken and stray toys. Never. To. Return. That is victory if you ask me.

As the last pile of ‘stuff’ made its way into the very black non-see-through garbage bag ( a very important item in a house with kids ), the door opened to let six pairs of noisy feet back in. After throwing something large on top to hide the evidence, I was able to greet them all with a smile. After all, everyone needs a hug every now and then to put the world in proper perspective again.

Love from here,




9 thoughts on “An Hour of Silence

  1. I’m with Leslie about silence and solitude. It’s my CHOCOLATE. When I have a house all to myself (rare), the only “work” I do are chores that delight me. Would you believe that sweeping the floor and enjoying no one around to undo it is one of those chores? I also get to dig in the dirt uninterrupted. Ahhh. I hope you get some more of those unscheduled hugs. Consider one warm one from here.

    PS — a kind “squeeze” on the shoulder is all that is needed to reciprocate a hug from a kinda-know (not a don’t-know, ’cause that would be awkward!!). Everyone needs to be hugged back, I think. But I’m a Texan. EVERYONE hugs here.

  2. I’m glad you got some quiet Bobbie. I am in need of that myself! Having 11 children around ALL THE TIME (I feel guilty even typing it!) is just b.u.s.y. mentally as well as physically. It’d be nice for just a couple of hours of quiet. 🙂
    And I had to say “Yep!” out loud when I read about the black trash bags. We’ve been using those for years to throw toys away or even just donating to the thrift store. That way the kids don’t get to see what’s inside and dig it back out. 🙂

    Hugs from here!
    Janet…. mamachildress

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