Instagramish Week 4

Deciding to do one of these posts every week does several things for me.

First, it shows me how truly fast time goes as it seems like just a couple of days ago since I was writing up last weeks post. And then I look and realize that it has been over a week. Sheesh!

Secondly, it shows me how much I truly do love taking pictures as I had a sea of photos to wade through to pick out my favorites.

Thirdly, I am reminded every single time how truly blessed we are. I love having the chance to show a little bit of our life to you and giving you a peek of the beauty we are surrounded by.

So here we go for this past week, a few of my favorite moments.

Some final random thoughts:

I love watching the kids get lost in a good book. We are finally watching super ranch boy find his own reading interests and the fight with him is lessening. I am relieved!

While planning the garden out I was struck with the startling realization of how much food our family eats! You would think for little people they would cut me some slack but no, they are good eaters. That leads me to my next thought…

How much are they going to consume when they reach teenager stage??!! and that leads me to my next thought..

Oldest ranch boy has started throwing some attitude around and I’m not afraid to admit that it caught me off guard. Aren’t they supposed to wait until they are actually teens before they do that? Not start terrorizing me when they are ten?! Right?! right?….. Any advice?

My final thought is this, time is going so fast these days that I am resolved to enjoy every moment with the little dirt devils while they are here. Even when it means cleaning messes up off the floor from the potty training trainee. Even when it means dealing with the drama Ranch Princess is drawn to. The attitude Oldest boy is testing me with, the thrown bowl of oatmeal from Little Jolly Rancher. Even on days when I am flat worn out by the end of breakfast and all I want to do is run and take refuge in the chicken coop, I am resolved to find the things that need to be treasured. That is why I take a hundred+ photos a week. To remind myself of how blessed I am, even amidst the crazy.

Love from here,




8 thoughts on “Instagramish Week 4

  1. Our reservations for Glacier NP are all set. Dreaming of Montana. Just got a beautiful photo fix…thanks!

    Attitude starts around age 7. I feel your pain on teen (not-teen-yet) pushing of the limits. Keeps me on my toes.

    My favorite go-to food in the fridge ready-to-go for never-ending hungry boy tummies, better than breads or crackers: mujadara. It is lentils and bulgur simmered in caramelized onions and broth. All three ingredients are pantry goods and the dish is made up ahead in a huge qty that can be kept as leftover for several days. Makes the house smell divine! And it’s a whole food. Bonus.

    Stay warm, Bobbie. You’re right to focus on the beauty of things. It’s the only way to live life.

    • Glacier!! That’s awesome! When do you head in this direction, how long will you be here…..?? 🙂
      Thank you for the food idea, I will have to check it out and hope it fills them up!
      Also, I just realized that I never responded to your email and for that I am super sorry! :/ No excuses, I’m just terrible with email and responding. I hope you are all doing wonderful and staying cool. 😉 How is the homeschooling going?

      • It’s no prob. I KNOW your situation well…I was in your shoes not so long ago (when mine were younger) but you have a fifth. Glacier is our next destination in the summer. Drop me a line and I’ll give you details. Coming up through Yellowstone up the west part of the state. We will prob slip right by you!

        Homeschooling the 6th grader is so good the other three are coming over in August — yeah! Now just if I can just get the juggling going a bit better. Does it ever get better?

        Warm 75 degrees. Going out now to do “spring” chores if you can believe it. Will be putting plants into the ground (from my kitchen nursery) in another month. Oh, the joys of being in Zone 9! We eat from the yard 12 mos out of the year here.

  2. Oh sweetie, Having spent 28 years raising other people’s teenagers, the only thing I can say is buckle up and be glad you can self-sustain in many ways! Attitude starts early these days and then they sharpen it. Part of the process of growing up and testing to see if the boundaries are still there. I know that more than once I wished for “normal” or “peace and quiet”. Be careful on that one because sooner than you realize the bedrooms empty out and you have more quiet than you want. Next week, Oldest ranch boy will graduate, go to college and or get married ! Enjoy every minute and please, make audio recordings of each one as often as possible. I learned the hardest way there is that I should have made voice recordings.

  3. I think a touch of “Attitude” is usually a sign that an individual is developing a strong person-hood. And maybe it is time for push-ups…you know, down for 10 or 20 when the attitude shows up. I raised all girls, so I got the eyeball roll… I’d look at them and say, ” Hey, that is really good exercise for your eyes! Can you make them go the other way too?” Keep a light heart, you will need it. Be strong and gracious, always showing and expecting respect; he will eventually heed and show it back. Is this the boy, by any chance, who is lovingly embracing his little brother in the photo above? I perceive all’s good with that little man’s heart! 😉

  4. That young man needs to be sat down with Dad and told that he is giving HIS wife an attitude and it will not be tolerated in this house. Maybe take him out for an ice cream talk. Some boys start earlier than others, but there is a point in each boys life when the Dad has to take over the guidance of those our men, and demand respect for the wife, mother, and all women on our lives. This is really taught quite well in the Jewish culture leading up to the bar mitzvah.

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