Instagramish week 3

If you were to be around me in real life for even the shortest period of time you would quickly realize that my mind has the ability to jump from one thing to the next in the blink of an eye. It also has the ability to pick up right where it left off, even if months have gone by. What’s really strange about this, is that the same brain has trouble remembering what was for dinner last night or how long it has been since the kids last had a bath. (The bottoms of their feet are looking pretty clean so I am thinking it hasn’t been more than a day or two.)

Where I am going with this train of thought is that while it has been months since I last did an Instagramish week, I see no problem with picking them back up now like no time was lost. I’m easy-going like that.

So to jump right back in, here are some of my favorite random photos from this last week.


Some final thoughts from me,

I am baffled that it takes 3 children 2 weeks to go through 1 roll of toilet paper. Actually, I’m kinda scared by this knowledge.

I never realized how many five kids look like until I saw them all piled on top of my brother in the above picture!

After learning that eagles mate for life I was saddened to see this guy sit by himself on his branch for over an hour. I had mental images of old men on park benches by themselves.

The log house in the one picture is where I grew up the first 13 years of my life. I can still close my eyes and picture almost everything about it.

The kids asked us what the whole groundhog day meant. I happily explained that in some states winter will be coming to a close soon. 6 weeks at the most according to Mr. Groundhog. However, before they could get too excited I, like a good mother, burst their bubble by telling them that it doesn’t apply in Montana as we have a good 12 weeks ahead of us. That, ladies and gentleman, is why they don’t hold their big festival here.

This however, doesn’t stop me from having a major case of spring fever. This was only compounded by the newest issue of From Scratch Magazine which covers so many wonderful spring/planting ideas! I also happen to have several pictures in this issue and a short story! So, so exciting! Make sure you head on over there to check it out, it’s free, so make sure you subscribe!

And now I’m going to stop my ramblings.

Love from here,










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