Instagram-ish week #2

Almost every day I tell myself that I am going to take the computer with me in the evening after the kids are all asleep, and I am going to write. I miss writing. Really and truly miss it. Most evenings though find me passed out on the couch with twenty minutes of the kids going to sleep. There is something about the sudden silence that throws my body off of its normal track and crashes it into the land of sleep. One of these days I will figure something out, but until then another week has come and gone and while I may not have written about it,  it has definitely been recorded in pictures. Lots and lots of them. Here are some of my favorites from the week…..

I hope you all had a wonderful week as well!

Love from here,



7 thoughts on “Instagram-ish week #2

    • Thank you Mustang.Koji! I too liked that picture, the light was perfect! And yes the country up here is truly magnificent, I fall in love on a regular basis. As for the kids being cute….well…… 😉 yes they are too, when they aren’t screaming at me. 😀 ~ Bobbie

  1. Bobbie, your photos are beautiful, they really capture the colors of the season and the magnificent landscape around you. I kind of like the cat though 🙂

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