Feeding Time, a short story in pictures

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Love from here,



16 thoughts on “Feeding Time, a short story in pictures

  1. Beautiful scenery!
    And your boys look cute feeding the cows. Bottle fed steers/bulls/heifers can be really pushy come feeding time!
    It’s great to read a post about your family life. You should do that more.

    Janet… mamachildress

    • Thank you Janet for all of your kind words! I’ve been going through a lot of mental changes when it comes to how I think of my blog so you will probably be seeing more family posts, picture posts and those sorts of things along with my picture/story posts. They are what I love the most!
      The calves are somewhat pushy but adorable all at the same time…how does that work?! 😉 ~ Bobbie

  2. Looks like the life we’d like to have! Only we wouldn’t ship ’em off. My fav is the one of him running with the calves back and the horses looking on.

    One of our farmer’s calves is being raised by hand when his mama died of prolapse right after birth. He’s being weaned now, but my kids enjoy letting Hershey suck on their hands and getting all slobbery. Like giant puppy dogs. We don’t have enough land to have big animals (the kind I want), so we’re happy to enjoy others until the day comes.

    Blessings to you Bobbie! Love seeing these windows into your life. I still owe you an email…

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