Meet the Girls

I have stories stacking up in my brain and no time lately to set them free, so they wait.  I have some great recipes to share but I keep forgetting to take pictures, so they too shall wait. The house is practically begging me to clean it but I happily and yet frustratingly make it wait. The weeds mock me and tell me that they don’t mind waiting for me to find time for them, as do the dishes.

There are two things though that don’t wait. The kids have received a lot of extra time this summer and we are proud to say that we officially have three readers in the house! It took awhile to get a certain six year old Super Ranch Boy to concentrate long enough, but time was on our side and he is there, as is Muddy Ranch Princess. Success is sweet and I haven’t found anything lately that I enjoy more than to watch and hear three of my babies exploring books.

The second thing that never has to wait? Can you tell?

Goat in there? ~ From a Montana Front Porch

That gets it’s own way every single time it calls to me? That has me set to a strict schedule that I don’t mind at all, and in fact have come to enjoy? Well, it is finally time for me to introduce you to my new babies!

Little Miss Chloe

Little Miss Chloe

 Miss Zucchi

Miss Zucchi

First off, yes, they rode here in the back of the van. Yes, it was kinda smelly. However the humor of the situation made it well worth it!

Secondly, I can not speak highly enough of the cleansing and odor removing capabilities of baking soda and vinegar. Seriously. If I wasn’t in love before, I was after this trip. They could, no they should,  hire me as a spokesperson.

And thirdly, when you ask your children for name ideas remember that they don’t have your mental list of preferences in front of them and that they will throw out whatever name, or should I say, whatever noun, pops into their heads. Be prepared when your son tells you that you should name your goat Zucchini. This will crack not only himself up but you as well. You will find it hard to stop laughing and so you will decide in the fun of the moment that you really should name your brand new goat Zucchini. After finally calming down, you will realize that calling your goat Zucchini all the time could in fact make you look like a complete crazy person. You promptly brush that off though when you remember that you don’t care about that. However, Zucchini is one of those names (nouns) that could be hard to say in a moment of frustration. That is when you decide that it needs shortened to something that you can yell out without tripping over it, because you know that goat isn’t going to take your threats seriously if you can’t even get her name right. Thus you will decide on Zucchi, and it won’t take you long to discover that yes indeed it comes out smoothly even when you aren’t in the happiest or most peaceful state of mind.

Nigerian goat ~ From  a Montana Front Porch

I may mutter to Zucchi girl but I adore her. She wasn’t handled before we got her but it didn’t take her long to come around. She cracks me up every single time I go out to visit them, which is more often than I will admit too.

Nigerian goat ~ From a Montana Front Porch

Nubian/Boer baby ~ From a Montana Front Porch

And then there is Chloe, the sweetest, cutest, ‘I want to climb all over you and chew on your hair’ little goat there ever was. I may or may not sit on the ground next to her just so she will climb into my lap to give me kisses. I’m seriously addicted to her snuffles.

Nubian/Boer baby goat ~From a Montana Front Porch

And to that face……I mean, who could say no to her? If you tell me you can, I will question your honesty. You have been forewarned.

Now the question that we have gotten several times, “Why goats, don’t you have enough to do?” And you will know that my answer should be, ” Yes, I have more than enough to do.” However my answer was instead “Weeeellllll,  I think I can manage two milkings a day on top of everything else. Sure, why not?”

Fresh Goat Milk ~ From a Montana Front Porch

And you know what, it’s worth it. It’s worth every single bug bite, muttered curse word, sore head-butted shoulder, and stepped on toes. It’s worth every single drop and every single laugh. I wouldn’t have it any other way…….except to maybe have just one more……..

Love from crazy here,






12 thoughts on “Meet the Girls

  1. Wow! I didn’t know you could have goats in Montana! Learn something new every day. 🙂
    When we lived there we were “city” people. I had never even seen a live chicken irl let alone have them in my back yard! But goats? Cool!
    Except I don’t like the taste of goat milk. It tastes “goaty”. I shiver thinking about it. I would love to have a goat for milk though. There milk is actually healthier than cows milk.
    How do you keep it from tasting strong?

    And I had to chuckle about them being hauled home in the back of your van! Our oldest son talked us into bringing home a calf in the back of our 15 passenger van. (thankfully, this was our older van).

    Oh. My. Goodness.

    Can you say STINK?!?!?!?! I have never smelled a smell quite like that. My son cleaned every hint of it up too. 😉

    Never again! When my oldest daughter bought herself a calf, I put my foot down and told her no way was that calf coming home in the back of my van!


    PS I still need to write to you and tell you our “Trip down the rutted road story”. 🙂

    • Janet! How are you doing?
      I have to laugh at your comments on goaty tasting milk as hers tastes no different than cows milk and has even less smell! I think it comes down to the fact that she is clean, she is milked outside in a clean area and she is on good green grass. Our kids love it!
      I love your stories about your kids’ calves and I understand the smell!
      Thank you for coming back for a visit Janet! ~ Bobbie

      • I can’t believe it! You truly can’t taste a difference? Incredible! Wish I were there to visit. I’d love to try it. Goats take up less space, feed, etc. But here in Texas I just can’t do it. Bleh.

        I told one of my daughters as I read “, she is milked outside in a clean area and she is on good green grass.” Yep, that’s cause she’s in Montana! ha ha!

        Thanks for the email address too. I better get to working on that before I lose it…. again. :-/

        It is going to be around 100 here today so it will be an “inside day”. 😛

        Talk to you soon!


  2. They are adorable! We had goats for years, and I hope my husband and I will eventually be able to keep them again. The only time I tasted the milk was when I put a little bit directly on my hand from the udder, and I think I tasted more udder than milk! 🙂 Maybe I’ll get my courage up to try it again someday. I’ve brought many a goat home in my lap in the car — loved surreptitiously watching other people’s faces at stoplights when they noticed a goat peering through the window at them! And we had several abandoned/bottle-raised goat kids living in the house in diapers over the years. Such fun memories! Yours are so beautiful. I’m glad you’re enjoying them!

  3. What a cute story…down to the last close up of Chloe and the now fresh smelling van! Those goats are our equivalent of lawnmowers, too, yes?

    It was nice to read a story from you… I’ve missed a couple though!

  4. Thinking of you today, Bobbie. We absolutely love Montana. Some of the most beautiful country drives I have ever witnessed first hand. Wishing you and your family well! I officially become a home-schooling Mama in just a few days. Yikes.

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