A Country Life

Country Flag ~ From a Montana Front Porch Off the main road, at the edge of a field, he stands strong.

He knows his purpose. It may not seem like much to some but it’s what he was made for and therefore he will do it, and do it with pride. It doesn’t matter that some think his job is insignificant and not worth doing. That he may never receive fame from it. He simply knows that someone has to do it, so he does. In the routine he finds purpose and joy, a fulfillment that he knows deep inside he could never find elsewhere.

He also knows that his job will wear him down faster than others would. Out in the elements all the time like he is, he will become weathered, faded and worn. He will develop cracks, and will creak when the wind causes him to move.

You may ask him if it was worth it. You may ask why he chose this life when he knew what it would do to him. He will take his time to ponder your questions. Not because he doesn’t know the answer, but because it can be hard to make others understand. How do you make someone who has never experienced this way of life, understand the deep rooted love? How can you word it so that they can feel the way it gets under your skin in the same way the dirt can never fully be washed out of his weathered lines? This life works it’s way in without you realizing it, and all of a sudden you look at yourself through someone else’s eyes and you see how you have become this life. You are a part of what makes it what it is. That’s when you realize that you wouldn’t want it any other way.

He will probably end up answering your questions with a very simple, “yes, it was worth it”, but there is so much more to those words. Feelings that are just too complicated to express. The only way to truly understand what he means is to live it for yourself. To be there when the sun rises and to watch it stretch across the hills, turning them golden with it’s brilliance. To feel the wind that the birds are soaring on as it rushes past you and to know that it is something much bigger than you are. To hear the water as it gurgles out of it’s secret hiding spots and to watch it turn a brown land green. To experience the seasons first hand as they share all of their differences with you personally. To feel exhausted and deeply satisfied at the same time because you know what you are doing matters. And at the end of the day when you look up and are able to see the whole night sky and all of it’s dancing stars, you will feel a peace. That’s when you will know what he meant when he simply answered “yes, it was worth it.”

Country Flag ~ From a Montana Front Porch   Outlined by the green fields and an endless blue sky he is a symbol of all things country. A symbol of a love for our country. A symbol of a simple, but fulfilling life. A life that might not make sense to some. A life that more and more are starting to long for. A rarely easy life, but a life that will make your heart run over with happiness and love. A life worked hard for and well earned. A country life.

Love from my country heart,



14 thoughts on “A Country Life

  1. Bobbie, don’t stop doing this. Don’t stop writing in this style. I LOVE the way you give life to inanimate objects. It seems to be an effective way to express what we all feel about our lives. Don’t stop. You have found your niche! You are beautiful!

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