Family Favorite Muffins

A long time ago my mom decided it was time for me to start learning to bake and cook on my own. She handed me a very simple muffin recipe and then she left the room. As a parent looking back on this memory, I now fully understand why she left. The urge to “encourage” or “help with this one part” would be almost more than I could stand. I wouldn’t do it with bad intentions, but in the end I would be getting in the child’s way. In a way I would be saying that I didn’t trust them enough to let them try, and maybe even make a mistake. To let a child fail is very hard to do, but really, what is a better way to learn? My mom was and is, a very smart woman and she left me to my own devices.

It all went smoothly. The recipe was super easy and in no time at all I was smelling them through the oven door. What a sense of accomplishment! I was so excited for dinner when everyone would get to eat my muffins! Then dinner happened. Everyone took a muffin and Dad took the first ceremonial bite as he knew how excited I was. His face was all pleasure to start until he tasted it, and then his face froze. I will never forget that look when I realized that somewhere along the way of reading the recipe I had messed up. Apparently big time. Dad gently set the muffin back down on his plate and took a drink of water. The others had caught onto his look by this time and immediately all took bites of their own muffins to see what was wrong. Weren’t they brave?! I mean seriously! If I see someone making a grossed out face I usually steer clear of whatever it is they have. But no, not my brothers. They had to know so they would have ammunition for later. As soon as they took their bites they immediately made all sorts of noises and faces. Very dramatic this bunch. As it turns out I had messed up the salt amount. The recipe looked a bit like this:

4 tsp. baking powder


So you see, the recipe didn’t actually have an amount written down for the salt. I now know to take that to mean a pinch, however at the time I thought it meant to use the same amount as listed above. Yes, you read that right. I didn’t use a pinch of salt,  I used 4 teaspoons of salt. No wonder they were all making such faces! Thankfully I learned from that mistake and haven’t made it again with any recipe that I can remember. To this day though, at the mere mention of muffins my brothers will ask me if I added the right amount of salt. They seriously need to move on.

Anyway, since this recipe is so easy and so fast it has turned into our families favorite dinner muffin recipe. On the old recipe card that my mom has they are called Queen Muffins. However since I never understood why they were called that, we have simply started calling them The Muffins.

The Muffins

1/3 C. butter                                               4 tsp. baking powder

1/2 C. sugar                                                1/2 tsp. salt, (see I’ve got you covered)

1 egg                                                              3/4 C. milk

2 C. flour

  • Start with your sugar and butter.

The Muffins~ From a Montana Front Porch

  • Now I use a fork and cream them together until they look like this…

The Muffins~ From a Montana Front Porch

  • This is a very good spot in the recipe to do a taste test. Seriously, I wouldn’t lead you astray on this!
  • After you have tasted this mixture you will mix in the egg. ( Now is your last chance before the raw egg is added to nibble just a teensy, weensy taste. Consider yourself warned.)

The Muffins~ From a Montana Front Porch

  • After your egg is mixed in, add the dry ingredients and the milk.

The Muffins~ From a Montana Front Porch

  • Stir, stir, stir until it comes together into this nice sticky sweet mess.

The Muffins~ From a Montana Front Porch

  • Grease a muffin pan and drop your muffin mix in.

The Muffins~ From a Montana Front Porch

  • Bake at 350* until golden brown. I do believe it’s about fifteen minutes or so.

The Muffins~ From a Montana Front Porch

And there you are, golden deliciousness that’s not too salty, I promise!

The Muffins~ From a Montana Front Porch

Love from here,



17 thoughts on “Family Favorite Muffins

  1. I wondered about adding blueberries, too. These sounds soooo good! Thanks for sharing the recipe and your memories. It reminded me of the first Thanksgiving I spent with my in-laws–and volunteered to bring the pumpkin pie. I tried so hard to have it perfect (and it looked great). My father-in-law ate every bite, even though I had forgotten to add the sugar. I loved him even more after that.

    • Meredith I’m pretty sure you could add blueberries to these. It’s so scary for me to volunteer to bring food anywhere. I’m always afraid that I will mess the recipe up somehow! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your memory with me,your father-in-law sounds like a wonderful man! 🙂 ~ Bobbie

  2. These look great and I love the decorative button detail on the dish towel! So cute! Did you make that too? I have to do that now! Please share the details so that I can show off my muffiins in style as well. 🙂

  3. First of all I have to tell you that I LOVE the bread cloth. second, I love the way you took a potential bad memory and turned the story into something funny. thanks!

  4. Such a powerful little ingredient, yes? My mom and I once made “grandma tacos” for which I will have to make up a recipe and post, but anyways, we ruined them with too much salt – completely inedible!

    I’m going to try your muffin recipe. Eddie and I (he’s seven) love to bake together!

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