Playing catch-up with a photo post

Do you know what this time of year is? CRAZY that’s what! CU. RA. Z! And because of this fact about spring I have been neglectful on here. Oh I think about it, don’t get me wrong. I take tons of pictures while mentally writing all these fabulous posts that you all adore. In fact they are so good that people start contacting me, begging me to write for them! ( yes I am aware of my overly active imagination, no I don’t think it requires medication as it makes me happy.) So anyway, those fabulous posts continue to swirl around in my brain but chores and all this craziness of spring come first, and when it is time for me to put my genius to paper, well…… that time finds me passed out on the couch once again dreaming of writing. Ya, I’m just that good.


So this morning while I was feeling guilty about not writing and wondering how in the world I was ever going to find the time to write all the posts that I am behind on, I decided on taking the easy way out this time. I’m going to do a photo catch-up of the last couple of weeks and then start fresh tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to cut yourself some slack!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Branding is complete for another year except for a couple of stragglers that they will catch up with later. A sigh of relief that another hard job can be checked off the never-ending list!

The skies have been amazing lately and add to that the green that is appearing and it’s no wonder all my time has been spent outside instead of in front of the computer. Getting the garden ready to plant in the next couple of weeks is next on our list. More on that soon!

Love from this soon to be sought after genius writer ( hehehe),





5 thoughts on “Playing catch-up with a photo post

  1. What wonderful pictures! Some of those skies were awesome. We are feeling the same way and we only have a little homesteady thing starting. There is just so much to do when the weather turns nice. Thanks for sharing!

    Please join us again Thursday at:
    The HomeAcre Hop


  2. I know what you mean about busy! Only now, away from home, in an apartment, there are so many unknown adventures awaiting our summer. I’m hoping to get my blogging “chops” back in action soon, but for now, it’s just day-to-day routine. Miss you Bobbie! I’ll check back when I can.

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