The Gift of Uniqueness

Heading home from shopping last night Cowman and I were talking about some of the things that had made us smile throughout the day. Gracie’s face as she picked out her purple topped cowgirl boots. Two gallons of apple cider vinegar for two dollars. BIG bags of potting soil. Finding more sparklie butterflies for the wall in Gracie’s room, ON SALE! Loading the van down so that it was sitting on the springs….maybe I shouldn’t have smiled about that but the fact that we were able to buy enough food for more than a month is a very comforting thought to me.

And then there was the sunset happening in front of us! I couldn’t take enough pictures of it. Absolutely the most gorgeous thing I had seen in a while. Just as the sky was beginning to fade from the light show of sparkling jewel tones into the pastels that are more common to our eyes, we came to a creek crossing where we were gifted with the site of something that most people will never see in their lifetime. We had to do a quick turn around and go back to try to take as many pictures as we could and soak in the fact that what we were seeing our eyes would probably never see again. The kids were just as thrilled as we were.

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We didn’t want to leave. We sat there and sat there, repeating the same things over and over again. Wow! Amazing! I never thought….. Can you believe….. Wow!!

She finally became tired of our admiration and started to leave with her baby. As she was walking away though, she paused to look back at us as if to confirm in our minds that letting us view her was a gift. That her uniqueness was not to be taken for granted. She was set apart and different, and that’s what made her special. That’s what made it a gift to be able to watch her. She wasn’t like the other deer and she knew it. She wasn’t ashamed of it, she wasn’t hiding it. She was proudly letting us observe her in all her unique glory. And we were left drinking it in, awed into silence, and slightly saddened by her departure.

In her parting glance she challenged me to view uniqueness in a different light. Not as something that needs to be hidden from view as we try to fit in. But something to be embraced and worn with confidence. Set apart, as we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. Not to blend, but to stand out in a crowd. What a gift to others to be able to set that example.

Albino Deer~ From a Montana Front Porch

Love from here,



28 thoughts on “The Gift of Uniqueness

  1. Ohhh, they are beautiful!! I can only imagine how awe-inspiring that must have been for you. 🙂 The other day I was out with my goats and a wallaby popped up only a few feet away from me. As he bounded away I was stunned and in awe. 🙂 love moments like this.

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