You know you have a good marriage when you can look at chicks together

I know without a doubt that The Cowman loves me. He tells me and shows me every single day in many ways. One of the biggest being when he leaves the peace and quiet of work to come home to our zoo that is never quiet. Seriously! Until you have heard the decibel level that our house reaches around 6 pm (which is of course when he gets home), then you can’t fully appreciate what it must be like for him when he walks in the door!

There are other ways that he shows his love, some of them quite unexpected. Take two weeks ago for instance. We are in town for our monthly trip to lay in supplies. We had to stop at the feed store for some calf milk replacer and since it was just a quick in and out sort of stop, he ran in by himself. When he comes out he calmly tells me that after we are done shopping we will be coming back to the feed store so I can pick out some chicks. Just as calm as you please he casually throws something out there that has me wanting to say, to heck with food for the month! I want the chicks now!! Now, how is this a sign of his love for me? I had no clue that they had chicks in there. He never had to say a word to me about it and I would have lived in ignorant bliss. However, he chose to tell me because he knew how badly I wanted to add some chickens to our ‘flock’ of 4.

So we get done shopping for groceries and headed to the feed store. He indulged me while I awwwwed over all of them, and even when I had the girl box up 22 of them. Ya, that was a couple more than he thought we were getting.

So this morning while I was babying the chicks, yes I do that and you really shouldn’t be surprised, I got to thinking that maybe I owe my loving Cowman something to say thank you for not just putting up with my quirks, but for indulging them. I could offer to let him help me name the chicks, or to give him one of his very own! Or maybe I should stick with the theory of making his stomach happy…. I see chocolate in our near future!

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Love from the zoo,



7 thoughts on “You know you have a good marriage when you can look at chicks together

  1. Sweet story…sweet chicks! Looking forward to browsing your blog. I lived in Montana for 8 years and still have a son and granddaughter there. It is beautiful country!

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