Sausage Gravy

I am going to admit that I never had biscuits and gravy before I met Jason. And I will also admit to being a complete and total failure at making it for a couple of years! I kid you not, years.I cringe when I remember some of those attempts. All I will say is that Jason must really love me since he was willing to gag those meals down so as not to hurt my feelings. Thankfully I stumbled upon a gravy recipe in a Gooseberry Patch Cookbook that changed our life. Well, maybe not our whole lives, but the part connected to not just edible but desirable sausage gravy has been changed for good. Thank the Lord!

Desirable Sausage Gravy                    70 carbs total

1 pound ground sausage                                  1/2 tsp. salt

1/4  Cup flour                                                       1 tsp. pepper (at least)

4 Cups milk

sausage gravy~ From a Montana Front Porch

  • Do not drain! I know some of you are dying to drain off the grease but look at it like this, it’s gravy, it’s not all that healthy by todays standards anyway so go ahead and enjoy it the way it is meant to be!  Add the flour and stir to combine.

sausage gravy~ From a Montana Front Porch

  • Now this next step is up to you but I am going to encourage you to use powdered milk for this. It doesn’t change the taste or consistency at all and 4 cups of milk is not a little amount when you look at the price. If you have some powdered go ahead and try it! Another perk is that you can mix it up with hot water and cut down on the cooking time since it will start to simmer faster.

Sausage gravy~ From a Montana Front Porch

  • Pour in your milk and stir. Now, if you are using cold milk out of the fridge, add it one cup at a time. Let the first cup start simmering and then add the next. Let that cup start simmering….you get the idea. If you add it all at once it will obviously simmer eventually but it takes a lot longer!

Sausage Gravy~ From a Montana Front Porch

  • Add your salt and pepper and let this sit on medium/high heat until it starts to simmer. Let it cook while stirring occasionally until it is as thick as you want. It usually takes mine about 20 minutes.

Sausage Gravy~ From a Montana Front Porch

  • Last step is to taste it to make sure it has enough salt and pepper to suit you. I love taste testing!
  • Finally add your biscuits and your breakfast, or supper, is ready for you. Wasn’t that easy?!

Biscuits and Gravy~ From a Montana Front Porch

Biscuits and Gravy~ From a Montana Front Porch

Love from an overly full me,


*this post contains an affiliate link which means if you click on it, I will earn a few cents for chicken feed at no cost to you.*


11 thoughts on “Sausage Gravy

  1. My oldest son had to have biscuits & gravy all the time. I taught him when he was a teenager because I went to work. Now every other weekend when he gets his kids he makes biscuits, gravy, & my special fried potatoes. I bought him a smoker as well & man can he ever smoke the best tri tip

  2. I’ll confess. I have always thought Sausage Gravy was a waste of sausage. But. Yours looks yummy, and easy, and like Jenny’s husband, mine loves biscuits and gravy, too. I’ll try it. Soon. (I shared the post, too.)

  3. That looks delicious!! My husband showed me how to cook sausage gravy years ago. Although we don’t eat it much anymore. I used package gravy for a while till I realized that it was the one thing my dog and cat wouldn’t even touch. I figured they must sense danger and quit using it. 🙂 Next time we have it, it will definitely be from scratch!

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