Grocery list basics

What do you consider a ‘basic’ ingredient? You know,the ones that you always keep in your house? The things that you know you can throw together into a quick dinner if you get home late, or if you are like me and somehow the day has gotten away from you and the little people are going to start attacking if they don’t get fed soon. Yes, that really can happen, just take my word for it if you have never experienced it personally.

In preparation for some of the recipes I am going to be sharing with you soon, I thought it would be wise to start at the beginning by giving you an idea of what I always make sure to have on hand in the pantry. There are quite a few meals you can throw together with some very basic and very cheap ingredients. The key is to make sure that you always have them. How? They are put on the shopping list every month without me looking to see if I have any left or not. If I get home and I have 2 on the shelf already, good! I now have extra. I would rather have extra than to go to the pantry and find I only thought I had one.

Shopping List Basics for the Front Porch Family

1. Baking Supplies:

– flour*, sugars*, baking powder*, baking soda*, salt, yeast*, favorite spices*, lard, dry milk

2. Canned Goods:

– cream of mushroom soup*, diced tomatoes*, tomato sauce*, beans*, refried beans*,

mushrooms*, diced green chilies

3. Pasta:

– spaghetti, lasagna, macaroni, your favorite kinds, Costco has great variety packs

4. Dairy products:

– milk*, eggs*, sour cream*, cottage cheese*, heavy cream*, cream cheese*,block cheese*,butter*

5. Meat:

– ground sausage, bacon*, chicken, hamburger*

6. Fresh:

– potatoes*, onions*, salad fixings*, fruit, veggies

7. Misc :

– mayo*, instant potato pearls*, peanut butter*

*’s are foods that are cheaper at Costco than they are at Wal-Mart,  at least in our stores. Bulk foods are scary to some but don’t fall for that! Canned goods last on a shelf, they aren’t going bad next week so don’t worry about extras of them. Block cheese can be shredded or sliced and frozen in manageable portions. Cream cheese gets an eansy weansy bit grainy but it can still be frozen. Milk freezes also! I start the month with 10 gallons in the freezer. Crazy but true!

I can be honest and say that besides frozen vegetables and some odds and ends this is pretty much our grocery list for the month.

The recipes that I am going to be sharing are going to seem too basic to some, but I share them in the hopes that I can help someone get dinner on before the little people attack. Hey! we have to stick together! And remember, show no fear……. They can smell fear like a shark smells blood in the water. The results are about the same too!

Love from my shark infested house,



12 thoughts on “Grocery list basics

  1. Looking forward to your recipes and menus! I always have oatmeal, cornmeal and a can of canned whole cranberries (or a bag of fresh cranberries in the freezer), because I use those ingredients in a lot of things. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Instant potato pearls would never be on my list. No room next to fruit, veggies, organic canned goods, organic bread, nuts and the ever popular organic, fair trade chocolate.

  3. Nicely done, Bobbie and your point is well said. It is better to be prepared to put something on the table than be stressing over how to feed your family. Your list prepares you to go to the pantry and pull something nourishing together. When my kids were little I had no one to leave them with. Shopping with four small people did not always end well. I found it better to keep my house stocked up with basics as you are doing. I had people who thought I was a nut for doing that but hey, you gotta do what works for you.

    • For sure!! I have those who think I’m crazy but running to the store for a couple ingredients is just not an option! Also, we always take the kids along shopping, even those times when Jason can’t be there. They are interesting trips! 🙂 Thank you for your kind thoughts and encouragment!

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