First heifer calf , let the fun begin!

I don’t know one person who doesn’t like baby animals. I know plenty of people who don’t like baby people, but baby animals are always another story. There is just something about them that makes even the most hardened, take a second to go “AAWWW”.  Even if you never hear them say it, in their heads they are thinking it. Just take my word for it! So while the first calf of the year marks the beginning of a very busy season, Jason still took me over to the ranch so I could ‘ooh’ and ‘aaawwww’ to my heart’s content.

I am now giving you the same opportunity.

Oh go ahead already, nobody is listening! You know you want to! Just one eansy weansy ‘ aww’ isn’t going to hurt you! I even promise not to tell anyone!

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Love from here,



27 thoughts on “First heifer calf , let the fun begin!

  1. Just what the doctor ordered! Awwwww…. I love the babies.

    I remember visiting our neighbor’s children and playing with the calves. They would lick you and suck on your finger. When you rubbed there chins, they would roll their eyes back in their heads in delight. Thanks so much for sharing this. ♥

  2. It is impossible to resist the cuteness! I love calves. and this one is especially sweet
    (not to mention that awe inspiring view behind the baby and momma – wow)

  3. 可愛い! Ha! Gotcha. 🙂 But that is cuteness to the max…

    But a question: how does that just born calf stay warm once it comes out of mama? That wind looks awfully cold and the calf’s gotta be wet…?

    • The mama cleans them up as good as she can and they then just dry asap. Eating right away helps also. Getting that warm milk in them goes a long way to warming them up. Think of how a bowl of chicken noodle soup does that to you. I still always feel bad for them though until they get a little bigger. The mama will generally bed her down in a protected spot as well. She had moved her up to the flats so she could eat, but when they were walking away, they were headed back to the brush. And thank you for disguising your AWWW for me! 🙂 Loved it!

  4. I love all babies! It’s why I can’t bring myself to eat any of them anymore. Beautiful pics, Bobbie! You may have missed our baby wrens this time last year. Super cute fuzzy heads. Reminds me of my own. (

    PS — I figured out why I wasn’t getting your posts. Somehow, your blog got unfollowed. All fixed now. Looking forward to your next post — in my inbox where it belongs!

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