Super Fluffy Pancakes

This may seem too simple to blog about to some. However, this was my very, very first from scratch recipe that replaced something on our shopping list and started saving us money 10 years ago. Therefore, since this is kind of a new ‘branch’ on this blog about doing more in your home cheaper and easier, I thought my first DIY was the perfect starting point. To those who already have a recipe, bear with me. To those who don’t, please give this a try as I promise it is so so easy!! And really good. So good in fact, that my grandma asked me for the recipe! I kid you not! So without further ado, here we go.


Super Fluffy Pancakes  ~  284 carbs total recipe

2  1/2 C  flour                                                   2  eggs

2  Tbs.  baking powder                                2  cups milk

2  Tbs.  sugar                                                  4  Tbs.  oil

1  tsp.  salt

To make an already cheap recipe even more so, I use powdered milk. You don’t taste any difference and the pancakes turn out the same if not a little better.

Now, are you ready for the really hard directions? :

  • Whisk all ingredients until smooth.
  • Pour by the ladle full into a preheated skillet. My dad always told me that making sure the pan is good and hot is the secret to good, no mess, pancakes. He was right of course!
  • Flip when they are ready and then remove when ready.
  • Slather on the butter and syrup…
  • Do you really need these directions??

The great thing about these is that you can save any extra batter you have in a squeeze bottle, like an empty ranch container, in the fridge for a week and just make a couple as you want them. Or you can make all of them right away and freeze them individually so when you need a quick breakfast you can throw them in the microwave. Not as good as fresh, but better than a breakfast from the gas station!

Pancakes~From A Montana Front Porch

Love from my pancake loving home,




13 thoughts on “Super Fluffy Pancakes

  1. Hope you guys are doing fine. Man do those flapjacks look fantastic! My wife is getting this recipe as soon as I print it. Of course, I’ll have to be diplomatic as I hand it to her; I certainly don’t want to imply her pancakes aren’t any good. That could get me in serious trouble. I’ll have to say something like, “Here’s a another recipe for pancakes you can try sometime and they look just like the ones you make, except for the red plate. You know, whenever you feel like it.” Or something like that. THANKS!

  2. Hey Bobbie! Everyone in my family loves pancakes too! I prefer to keep the extra batter in the fridge instead of cooking up the extra pancakes. I think they are better when cooked fresh. Being the oatmeal freak that I am, I like to grind some oats in my blender and use the oat flour in place of some of the wheat flour. I like how it tastes! You might try it sometime…

  3. Thanks for the recipe. I made these yesterday morning using whole wheat flour and a slight adjustment to the liquid and they were delicious. Fluffy is an understatement. When you flip them, you can actually see them rise. It has been a real challenge to find a whole wheat recipe that doesn’t produce real dense pancakes, but this one adapted perfectly. Thanks again.

  4. Hi Bobbie, When we were kids mom mixed peanut butter and syrup together to put on pancakes (for our dad). We like to top with applesauce (suppose you could used any fruit) and honey. They sure tasted good this morning! Enjoy!

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