Happy ten years to us!!

To some ten years is a loooonnnnng time. I mean even we have days where ten years has seemed like forever! To others ten years is a drop in the bucket. To us, ten years yesterday is how long we have shared the same name. It’s how long it took us to have five kids. Ten years are how long it took us to grow our love to the measure that it is now. A decade!! It sounds so impressive when I say it like that! And really, by todays standards it really is impressive. To me, it is just the start of the eighty more years I want to spend loving this man. So I’m going to do my little happy dance and sing happy anniversary to us, and then sit back and imagine the adventures that await us in the future. I am one happy and blessed girl!

These are our frozen faces. :)

These are our frozen happy faces.

Love and happiness from here,



15 thoughts on “Happy ten years to us!!

  1. I know, there’s nothing I can say to make you guys feel any better than you already do, but you guys REALLY deserve to feel that good! So, congratulations many times over and I pray God will bless you and your children over and over. …and time does really fly…

  2. Nice self-portrait!! I remember the ten-year. I was big and pregnant with number four. We’re starting to close in on 20 years now. It’s like we blinked and the time just disappeared.

    Cheers and many many more happy anniversaries to the beautiful couple in the photo. May we all grow old together and learn the fine art of sitting across from each other at the table of a fine restaurant and never having to say a single thing. (I strive for this, by the way, though we’re no where near it yet! I can’t ever shut up long enough. Or so he says.)

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