Bravery is…

Bravery is something different to everyone. And what is bravery to a person can change from one thing to another very easily. I am not what you would call a naturally brave person. I have a fear of being judged that unfortunately, stops me from doing many things.  I am attempting to get over that. It’s a work in progress.

Believe it or not, I didn’t use to talk like I do now. I mean, I talked when I was at home, but get me around people I didn’t know and I really didn’t have a lot to say. Shocking I know! Enter Jason. He basically signed me up to sell Mary Kay, saying that I needed to meet people and get out of the house. Five years of that and I could talk to anyone about anything. True story! That was one of my first steps in bravery.

There are lots of little things that I have to be brave in order to do. They may seem silly to most of you. Like I said, bravery is very different from person to person. I was brave last week and jumped off the diving board into the pool! It doesn’t matter that the board is only a foot from the water. I really didn’t want to do it. The kids wanted me to. I was brave and did it. Amazingly enough, I lived to talk about it!

The week before that I  did a cannonball into the pool! My first ever! I wanted to shock the kids. It worked. That took a lot for me to do. But I did it and actually had fun!

I use to take piano lessons, waaaaayyyyyy back when. I’m amazed that Mom and Dad were able to get me to do it. I have this fear of doing anything in front of anybody when there is a chance that I will not be good at it. As if I was going to be able to just sit down at a piano and be good without lessons right?! Well they got me to take lessons and thankfully I had an amazing teacher who I was never afraid to play in front of. Fast forward, and it has now been years since I have touched a piano much less remembered anything from my lessons.Enter Jason again. He got me a piano for Christmas! (Amazing man I am married to, I know! ) So anyway, I dig out all of my old lesson books and start practicing while he is at work. He came home the other day and wanted me to play so he could hear. It took every ounce of bravery I had in me to do it. I’m sure he was in love with the way I played London Bridge. I could see it in his eyes!

Again, bravery is different for everyone.

My latest attempt at being brave, I asked someone to teach me to knit. Someone who is very good at it. Someone who has been doing it for a long time. Someone who custom dyes wool for goodness sake! I was brave and asked her. I was then brave and didn’t cancel my lesson! I actually started yesterday! And you know what? I’m super excited!

There is something that I have learned from all of my attempts at bravery. The more I do it, the easier it is to talk myself into the next attempt. So my thoughts for everyone are this: You may think that your attempts at bravery are silly and nothing compared to what others are doing, rock climbing anyone?, but to someone else you may be the image of bravery itself. Everyone is at a different spot in their lives, and everyone has different things that hold them back. I can only hope that as I try to be brave, my kids, even though their bravery far outweighs mine, will see me stepping outside my comfort zone and will in turn do the same. Maybe someone who isn’t my child will be inspired to try something they have been too scared to do. Maybe, just maybe.

Knitting- From a Montana Front Porch

Love from my brave self,



14 thoughts on “Bravery is…

  1. I have a total fear of failure. It’s so much easier not to try than to fall flat. I am just now telling people I’m a writer. I’ve written for years, but never felt like a real writer I’ve finally gotten enough recent validation that sometimes, when I feel “brave”, I tell people I’m a writer. Still it’s never easy. Thanks for posting!

    • Ah Leslie, I love you and your writing! Thank you for sharing that with me! I debated writing it since the things that make me brave are pretty silly, but it is the truth! I have finally decided to listen to God when He tells me that what He thinks matters more than anything else! 🙂

  2. I loved this 🙂 There is nothing silly about your bravery. You are such an awesome and talented person, it’s hard to believe you would be worried at all what anyone thought. Much love!

  3. This could be me…..hence the Hermity Farmer-Women:) A big step I took last year was attending a zumba excercise class. I literally drove around the block 15 times trying to get the nerve to go in. I am still going now a year later….Thanks for putting this into words!
    ~Hermity Christine

  4. I have learned to get over my fears, or at least work through them. I chose a military job that required public speaking…I HATED public speaking! Sometimes you just have to put your feet to the fire! Also, life is short, and you never want to have that thought of ‘what if’ or ‘I wish…”. Great post Bobbie! You are quite the inspiration!

  5. Love it! Look at you. Learning a new skill is brave indeed. I’m teaching my daughters both how to crochet — at 8 and 6 years old. Ugh. THAT’s some bravery right there.

    Being brave and confident is truly my strong points. I always say to myself “uh oh” whenever I hear out of the corner of a crowded room, “Ask Shannon, she’s always doing crazy stuff.” Yep. Bravery and confidence. It’s gotten me gold stars, it’s also gotten me muddy and in trouble. But always fun either way.

    Here’s to more bravery from my sweet Montana!

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