Pets for the sake of pets?

I put this out there to all my friends on Facebook but I was hoping you could all weigh in on it also. Just to satisfy my curiosity. Just to see what the majority feels. Just because it sounded like a good idea at the time I started writing this morning. Just because this is my blog and we all know that I am random quite frequently!

So my question for you, is if you have pets,  must  they have a “job”, or are they there just because you love to have them there? Do you apply this theory to all animals or just some? Ok, so that’s two questions but I thought they kinda went together.

We have both kinds of animals in our family. The cats we have for mousing. Now honestly, I think that only two of them actually mouse, but since they stay outside full-time now that fact doesn’t bother me as much.

And when they sleep like a dog, you kinda have to love them!

And when they sleep like a dog, you kinda have to love them!

The chickens all lay eggs, at least they will when they get out of molt! Cora and Dori are out of it now, so that just leaves Polly.

Dori and Cora looking good after molting.

Dori and Cora looking good after molting.

Poor Polly is still in the middle of the dreaded process.

Poor Polly is still in the middle of the dreaded process.

The horses are a mixed bunch. Spade is the old man. He was my Dads horse and is living out the last of his onry old-man days here with us.

Old man Spade

Old man Spade

Playboy, named for his playful nature I promise!!, is also getting older but is great for the kids as you can always trust him. And not comments about his weight ok?!

And yes, Gracie is like all little girls and loves her white princess-horse Playboy.

And yes, Gracie is like all little girls and loves her white princess-horse Playboy.

Lastly, there is Chigger, who is Jasons work horse.

Jason trying to convince Chigger that he should listen.

Jason trying to convince Chigger that he should listen.

That brings us lastly to the dogs. First there is Baby. She was a pound dog that was very hard for us to adopt as she is a pitbull and we have kids so they didn’t want us to have her. Seriously, she is the best family dog! Loving, silly, playful, gentle, but she also keeps a watch on new people. Love this dog!

Baby dog and her baby.

Baby dog and her baby.

Next, there is Buck, another pound puppy. He is an awesome dog. Very loving and friendly to us, very watchful and cautious of others. He follows the kids wherever they go and keeps animals away from the house and the chickens. He is a pet but he is more importantly our guard dog.

Buck, ever watchful.

Buck, ever watchful.

Finally, on this long list of pets is Bandi, Jasons cow dog. She is a good at what she does. When she doesn’t have a job to do though, she takes her boredom out on me. Nothing of mine is sacred to that dog. I swear, I really like her when she gets to work, but I can’t stand her when she doesn’t! I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Bandi, being good for once.

Bandi, being good for once.

So as you can see, we have both kinds of pets. The ‘useful’ kind and the have-them-just-because kind. I personally am on the side that says all pets are useful if you enjoy them. What do you think? What pets do you have? And finally, do you think Jason should let me get a pot-bellied pig? hehehe!!

Love from our zoo,



26 thoughts on “Pets for the sake of pets?

  1. We have one indoor cat, and her only “job” is to sleep, eat, play, and beg for treats. 🙂
    We’ve had her for years, and we love her dearly.

  2. I like your zoo. I think “pets” can be both. I don’t have pets because I can’t give them the time I think they should have. I don’t like to see animals chained up or barned up and not have any existence other than be “owned”. That is horrible. I love your knowing your animals so well. 🙂

  3. Well, first I definitely think you should have a pot-bellied pig. Probably two. And, I agree that pets can be both. Right now all we have are chickens that we keep for the eggs, although several no longer lay. They’ve retired, and they’ll be here for as long as they live. We are down to one dog and her job is apparently holding down the spot of rug that she sleeps on. She’s a herding dog, like your Bandi, so when she was younger her job to keep hens and children (and lawnmowers) within the perimeters of the yard.

  4. I think I would like your dog! She sounds funny to watch. 😉 As for the pig, I’m pretty sure that Jasons not going to change his mind but that doesn’t mean I will stop mentioning it to him! 😉 It’s good to know you’ve got my back on this though! LOL

  5. Well, you know how I feel about pets. Mine actually do have a “job” in that they make me smile. And some days that can be a huge undertaking for a dog or cat! The dogs used to be better protectors, at least they were a good visual deterrent due to their size and an and auditory deterrent due to their barking. Now they’re deaf and old and sleep all day. Oh, wait! That’s me! But if I lived where you do I’d have dogs that also had real jobs, like herding or guarding. Yes, I think you should get a potbellied pig for the sheer joy it would bring you, but why not also get a real pig you could fatten up for the freezer? Maybe Jason would let you get one if you got the other! 🙂

    • I love your pets! They always make me smile. We have discussed getting a pig, it’s still in the discussion phase though! I think a pot-belly would be super fun but since he did say I could get some goats in the spring maybe I should start there and wait a bit for the other. 🙂 However if I tell him that you think it’s a good idea then he may be more inclined to listen since he respects your opinion! Hmmmmm…..

  6. Well, it’s obvious you guys sincerely love and respect all your pets, and that’s what God intended. They are free to come and go; no fences or limits, except to mind their manners, of course, most of the time. And, it obvious all your pets respect and love you guys, or otherwise, with all that freedom, they would have left a long time ago and headed for part unknown. When you love someone and you set them free but they stay, you can’t ask for a better relationship.

  7. I am a dog person and right now we have four. I feel that it is important for each one of them to have a job otherwise they get like Bandi, when they get board they get into trouble. Max is our rat and chipmunk dog. Kiva keeps the birds out of the yard. Roxi is our alert dog, If anyone gets near the yard we know about it. And Pixie we have just had a few months and we are not sure what her job will be. Right now she is just a pain in the butt. We have to figure out what she is good at soon!!!!

    • I love the pictures of you dogs. Especially Pixie, who is too stinkin cute! Our Baby dog also catches rats, and Buck loves to chase the magpies out of our yard, and with Bandi, when she is home we always know when someone is near too. It’s funny how they decide what their jobs are. Different personalities. 🙂

  8. I’m green with envy that you may get goats! I would love a goat or three, but since we are already pushing our limits with chickens in our neighborhood, I’ll have to live vicariously through you. Our kids are animal obsessed, and hubby and I are softies about animals, too. Obviously, our hens have their jobs, but they are really pets. Our daughter babies them and shows them in 4-H. We have two rescue dogs, which are absolutely our fur babies, two stray cats that girlie began feeding–so now we own two cats. They were fairly good at vole control, but they’re getting a little spoiled. Two guinea pigs do nothing but look cute and get petted. And I believe there’s a horse in our not too distant future, as girlie is on an equestrian team at her stables. Still, we will have to board it. So, our furry friends are definitely pets. I just found your site and look forward to reading more!

    • I’ve wanted a goat or three as you so wonderfully put it!, for several years now. It is yet another reason why I love it here, because we can do the things that we only dreamed about before. 😉 I love your list of animals! I used to have guinea pigs but at the moment my kids are pretty sure they want a chinchilla. And a lizard. And a pig. And a , and a, and a…..You see how this works in our house! Just curious, how old is your daughter. Just wondering about the showing chickens in 4-H, we want to get our kids started in 4-H but I don’t think they are old enough to do the showing part yet.
      I am so glad that you stopped by, I look forward to chatting more with you! 🙂

  9. Oh, Bobbie, I had chinchillas growing up and they were the best, funniest little animals! Incidentally, I also had a pot-bellied pig growing up, and she was awesome, too. I will have another someday, most definitely. And don’t get me started on the goats—I want them SO BAD!
    On a side note–I love seeing the pitbull (that the pound advised you not to take) sitting next to your daughter. I love these dogs–I don’t currently have one, but there’s one in my family, and she is seriously the best, smartest dog I have ever known. In fact, I have known many of them, and not a single one has ever been violent. I hate the ignorant reputation they have been given.
    To answer your question: our animals are all family members (to a rather pathological degree—most would argue that the animals have it better than my husband and I do, hahaha!). When they lay an egg, catch a mouse, or sound the alarm when there is a drunk teenager trying to break into our house (true story), that is just the icing on the cake. 🙂

    • Kate, we tried to adopt Baby-dog for months. I kid you not! she sat in that pound for a total of 9 months because of her breed. I actually lied to the one lady finally, the only one who didn’t know I had kids, and told her we didn’t have children so she would let us take her. She is truly the best family dog we have ever had!
      I love your animal stories! And I love that you are supportive in my attempt to turn our house into a refuge for at least one kind of animal out there! Jason is going to kill us both! 🙂
      I want to hear this story about the drunk teenager!

  10. What a great question! I think it is wonderful when animals have jobs. It brings meaning to their lives. (Chores are great for children for the same reason.) My dog’s job is to make me smile, which she does quite faithfully. And our chickens were supposed to be for eggs, and they are great eggs, but the chickens also ended up linking me with special people like you!

  11. Beautiful photos and post! I really enjoyed learning more about you. While I don’t own any large livestock, our animals (cats, dogs and chickens) each serve a different purpose. Yes, I think that companionship is a “job” for an animal; maybe the most important one! 🙂 Can’t wait to read more from you!

  12. You would probably NEVER GUESS but I am a little bit of a pet person. And I would say that our bassets have the VERY important job of de-stressing their people and, frankly, guarding us. And by guarding I mean barking-when-people-approach-and-then-very-viciously-falling-onto-their-backs-for-some-belly-rubs! So they may not be super hard-working, but they certainly are one of the best parts of my day (and life)!

    In other news: PLEASE GET A POT-BELLIED PIG! I want to live vicariously through your pot-bellied pig adventures!


  13. As you know, I have Moo Moo….a man-eating, snarling, beady-eyed Pit Bull mix. :p No..more like lick-you-to-death-and-tickle-you-with-his-whiskers-and-make-you-melt-with-his-doe-eyes Pit Bull mix:) He is a great guard doggie! I feel super safe all the time, and definitely when James is away. He is a big baby, but a very intimidating to those who don’t know him. I love him to pieces…he is my furry baby boy:)

    And yes…get a pot bellied pig! They are so cute! But please, don’t eat it! LOL!

    • Oh yes, another owner of those viscious Pit Bulls! How could you endanger your daughter in such a way?! I guess in the same way that I do. 🙂 Moo Moo is adorable! I love all the pictures of him with his Zoey girl.:)
      There wouldn’t be enough meat on one of those to feed all of us so the pig would be safe! LOL

  14. Between you and me, we average out to have a “normal” amount of pets! You’ve got some wonderful animals in your family. Love Spade the most. Cranky horses just make me love them more. Such personality.

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