The frisky bunch

Jason went to check on the horses yesterday and was nice enough to grab the camera before he left so I could share the view with all of you! Even cold, it’s still beautiful!

These horses are only used during the summer so during the winter they are turned out into a pasture of a couple thousand acres. They spend the winter running like a herd of mustangs but manage to stay fat due to good grass. They can usually be found at the top where the wind makes grazing easier.

Yesterday they were feeling rather frisky due to the cold and wouldn’t pose. If you look closely, you will see that yes indeed there is even a miniature out there! He is the most onry out of all of them. We tried to keep him close to the house last summer so the kids could tame him down a bit, but he refused to be away from the big guys and just climbed through the fence to get to them. Ah well, I guess! He sure looks cute running with the others.

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16 thoughts on “The frisky bunch

  1. Oh how I loved these photos! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I long to have the opportunity to hop on my horse and ride a range such as that. There is a still and quiet beauty when the land is covered with snow. And that mountain range-wow!

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