Real feel of 0


I have a question, if the weather has a “real feel” of something how can the thermometer say something else? Our weather this morning on AccuWeather says we are at 17* with a “real feel” of 0*. I have to take their word for it as the cold weather killed our thermometer. I knew we would need a new one anyway when we figured out that ours didn’t go below 0*. I spent all last winter wondering how we never got below 0*. ( Sometimes I’m slow at catching on! You can laugh, it’s ok! )

So anyway, I now depend on AccuWeather, and to be honest I think they need a new name like MightBeAccurateWeather. Seriously! Yesterday they said we had a chance for “periods of snow showers”. Ya, it snowed most of the day. Today is a high of 34*, I bet we don’t get over 20*. Oh well, I do know that it is cold.  I opened the door to the chicken coop this morning and if chickens could kill I think they would have arranged for my instantaneous death. Cold is cold whether it’s 17 or 0.

I know that many of you are in warmer parts of the world and I’m curious, what is your weather today? Do you look forward to snow for Christmas or do you prefer it warm?

Sending you snowy morning wishes,



16 thoughts on “Real feel of 0

  1. I actually JUST posted the other day on Twitter (you know, something ELSE I hope to get you hooked on someday…) that I love how God is making all the weathermen look a-fool 🙂 They said we had a zero percent chance for snow all week this week and then we woke up to snow on Tuesday. Last week they gave us 1-3″ in the forecast, and we didn’t get a breeze. I love that God is like AHAHAHAHAH I’M IN CONTROL NOT YOU.

    I was always told the “feels like” temperature is the dewpoint + windchill value. And I always haaaaaaaaated hearing the “feels like”, especially in Wyoming with the epic winds. Just keep it real, folks. I’ll tell you what it FEELS like, thanks.

  2. Do you REALLY want to know? You may want to take the place of your chickens and kill me! I have NEVER been in that cold of weather. Zero. Nada. The coldest was during a business trip to Cedar Falls, Iowa; the wind chill – if my frozen memory serves me right – was like in the 20’s. I hope your non-humans outside will bear the winter!

  3. I prefer snow at winter. It is only right that winter is equated with snow. I just don’t like the inbetween weather. The not quite fall, not quite winter, where it bounces back and forth. Than the sloppy season of melting winter but not warm spring. But I’m not in control and I’m okay with that because if I was it would be very confusing to try and keep the warm lovers warm and the cold lovers cold. 😉

  4. Rainy here in SoCal today, which is about as ‘wintery’ as it gets….high of 60 and the low tonight is supposed to be around 40. I will not cry ‘cold’ to this audience. I will shut my mouth. 🙂

      • Yeah, my problem is our summer weather, too–hahaha. It routinely gets up into the 100’s and that is not my cup of tea….I much prefer the cold–but maybe not your brand of cold….my mom lives in the local mountains where it snows and never gets below the teens, and that suits me just about right!

  5. We got dumped with about a foot of snow yesterday, but now we’re heading back into another stretch of clear skies and freezing cold temperatures. Living in Alaska, it’s inevitable that we’ll have snow for Christmas, whether I’m looking forward to it or not. 🙂

    • I love when we get a bunch of snow at once! I also love that it warms up just a bit while it’s in the process of snowing. The freezing cold I could probably do without but you have reminded me that we aren’t as cold as other places, like Alaska, so I should count my blessings! 🙂 Stay warm and have a Merry Christmas!

  6. This isn’t much consolation, but I grew up in cold weather, back in the 50s & 60s. As kids, at least once or twice a year, the temperature would drop to -5 or -10. That’s all we needed. We went sledding in 2 feet of snow, skating, played ice hockey, ice tag, etc. on some local frozen ponds and lakes. We built bond fires and roasted hot dogs and marsh-mellows. We had a blast. Now, I live in the south, Tennessee, it never get that’s cold and the winters are boring.

    • We didn’t have a white Christmas last year but thankfully it snowed the day before, during and now the day after! I know several people who say that they don’t want the cold and snow, but to me Christmas isn’t all it can be without snow! I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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