Planning for Christmas

One of the things that I love about home schooling is that we choose when to take our vacation. The schedule is made around our lives, not the other way around. We know the importance of learning day-to-day skills and are able to incorporate them into our school day. Now, when I say school day, I mean morning. We are normally done by noon, sometimes 1’ish if  we (I) have gotten side-tracked.

This year we decided to take our big break during the month of December. There are so, so many things that I want to do this time of year and I never get them all done. Not even close! So, since we do some school during the summer, I figured we could afford to take the month off now. I have to admit how excited I am about this! The kids will still be learning. It just won’t be with papers. YAY!! 

This leads me to where I was originally going with this post. I need everyone’s input. While we have a lot of things that we like to do this time of year, I am always looking for new ideas on how to make the season last longer while having the most fun possible, but at the same time not stressing everyone out.  That is where I need your expert advice.

~What do you do to make the season special?

~ Is there a family tradition that you look forward to every single year and would never even think about skipping? I made Jason drive 45 miles one way last year so we could look at Christmas lights while eating cheese, sausage, and crackers! This year we will be driving even farther since last year was a bust. Well, except for the cheese and crackers part!

~ What is you favorite baked goodie of the season? Mini cream wafers for me! They take forever to make but are so worth it.

~ Crafts that you like(ed) to do with your kids?

~ Ways to keep your house clean this time of year? ( please, do tell!!!! )

~ How do you keep your sanity during Christmas time? Or do you just shrug it off like me and think that sanity is highly overrated?

~ If you’re a homeschooler, is there anything special that you do with your students this time of year?

Ready, Set, Go!I’m ready to hear from all of you! Thank you in advance!

Love from here,



23 thoughts on “Planning for Christmas

  1. 1) We make this part of the year so special by:

    ~The girls decorate 90% of the house for Christmas.
    ~Since I don’t have much time any other time of the year, we take this time to bake like crazy.
    ~We enjoy hot cocoa almost every night.

    2) This will be the first year that we will start our own traditions. Since forever, we have been able to spend Christmas with the family. This year we wont be making it home for the holidays. I am kinda excited about this! Looking forward to what traditions other people do. One tradition that has stuck is looking at Christmas lights while drinking hot cocoa, we will be doing this again.

    3) Favorite goodie of the season: peanut brittle and fudge hands down!!

    4) Crafts… this is a first this year for us. Instead of spending lots of money on Christmas presents (money that we don’t have) we are making everyone Christmas ornaments this year.

    5) How we keep our house clean… every night we each pick up one item that isn’t put away. It may not be 100% clean, but you wont be stepping on pet shops and other assorted toys in the middle of the night.

    • Love fudge!!! 🙂
      My parents love the ornaments from the kids more than anything we could buy them. We started looking at lights when I was little. Mom would get the food ready, Dad would fill the thermous with coffee and off we would go. I love it still!
      Feet need to come with toy radars, I swear!!!!!
      And finally, starting your own family traditions is the best. I look forward to seeing family after, but I LOVE being home this time of year. Your girls will grow up with their favorite memories being the ones you give them now! 🙂

  2. You have a most interesting life! I never thought of home schooling like that… Take the vacation when you want to. Cool.

    But being a male, I hate cleaning – especially during the “season”. I need to practice what I preach (like some Queen we know – haha) but when you’ve cleaned your shower, I wax it.

    Tiramisu is nice; you can make it in large batches or small – just as long you consume it in a few days. Never seemed to be a problem here. 😉

    And those ICICLES! Whoa!

    • Waxing the shower, sorry if I sound dense here, but wouldn’t you break your butt slipping afterwards? 🙂
      I have only made tiramisu once but it didn’t last past that night so I will have to write that one down again!
      I love our icicles! That corner gets some great ones. Last year they almost made it to the porch. In my craziness, I guard them from the kids. 😉

      • LOL. Guard them from the kids? What about from the adults?! 🙂

        We have glass shower walls plus junk called “cultured marble” in our showers…plus very hard water. Water spots that end up becoming concrete…tough to remove. Earlier, I used pure carnauba car wax to coat the glass and cultured marble. Water doesn’t stick – just like on cars! But don’t wax the floor!

  3. Like Chattermaster I can’t wait to see what everyone writes. I did freeze cookies once and they did not turn out too good, so Chattermaster you have to tell us your secret. And I love your picture, the sunset is beautiful, was this taken near your home? With a daughter working at Olive Garden I have yet to try your recipe for tiramisu Mustang, she keeps me well supplied! 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone! Patty

  4. I love your comment “…and think that sanity is highly overrated?” A very insightful observation. And, wow, what a magnificent picture. That’s the kind of picture that connects with person’s soul. After raising 2 fantastic sons, and with other family members scattered all over the Midwest, we simply thank God for all his blessings and that our family is healthy, caring and giving. In my humble opinion, I don’t think anyone can ask for anything more special than that. You guys have the best Christmas possible.

    PS The carnauba car wax works! I wax my shower about once every three or four months, floors included, and I ain’t busted my derrière yet. When I wax it, the soap scum disappears.

  5. We also love that about homeschooling. Our best vacations have always been taken in April and September – camping without crowds! I love Christmas – one of our favorite traditions is the annual picnic under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. We put a blanket on the floor, turn out all the lights but the Christmas tree and maybe a few candles, and have a picnic dinner with buns, deli meats, veggies, chips, fruit salad, and Christmas cookies. We eat on Christmas themed paper plates so it’s really easy clean-up since we open our presents on Christmas Eve.

    When the kids were little they made puppets out of cardboard toilet rolls with popsicle sticks glued to them to hold them up and every year they told the Christmas story with their little puppets behind a blanket.

    One year our church did family Christmas skits and performances for Christmas and we got a huge appliance box to put in front of the church, cut out a little door for the kids to crawl into, cut out a slit at the top for the puppets to pop through, and then my husband read the Christmas story while the kids popped their puppets up at the right time. I can still remember how cute they all looked walking to the front of the church – four little kids ages 2 to 10 probably. They kept doing that little puppet show for another 7 years maybe. Fun!

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