The dreaded goodbyes

The time has come to ship the calves. The kids have taken care of them since spring, feeding, watering, moving their pen, but now it is time for the last step in the caring of these babies. Saying goodbye. They knew it was coming but that only made them dread it even more.  The only thing that helped make it a little more bearable for them was that heck it’s cold during that morning feeding!

I sent them out with the camera for the last feeding, because well, it’s cold out there,  and after all, they are their calves! They took pictures, cried a bit, and then helped Jason with the last part of loading them up and weighing them before they took the trip to the sale ring. When they got back,they proudly told me how much Zach and Zoltar weighed, 350 and 400 pounds respectively. Not bad for scrawny bums! The kids thoroughly enjoyed their first season with calves and we enjoyed watching them mature enough to take care of them. This mama is proud.

Here is a short journey through the months that Zach and Zoltar were here with us.

Zoltar arrives

Zach shows up a couple days later

Note their height and back bones sticking out

Now note their height and fat bellies!

morning of their goodbyes

Pigging out

Goodbye babies! *sniff sniff*

Stay tuned for our next bunch, coming in May!,



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