These are your buns…..

I have received several comments lately on here and on Facebook from ladies asking me how I do it all. From how I bake so much and have it turn out good, to how I manage the kids all day long with their school and manage the house at the same time. I’m going to address the first question today and then cover the others at a later time. Why not all now you may ask? Very simple. I don’t want to scare you too much in one sitting! A person can only handle so much!

First, you have to know that for every positive post on here or FB there have been more meltdowns than I can count. For every successful bake job there is a flopped cake, a burnt loaf of bread or a pile of mysterious ingredients that weren’t able to turn into anything cause I just plain messed up! There are a pile of dishes waiting for me to wash that I may or may not get to today, and children that I am looking at trying to remember the last time they had a bath.Yesterday? Two days ago? A week? In fact Jason just asked me last night how long it had been since Tucker had taken a shower. I told him I thought a couple of days and over the noise of all the kids in the kitchen, he thought I said a couple weeks! The bad thing is that he didn’t seem too surprised that I would let it go that long! Hmm, maybe a schedule is in order here!

The point that I am trying to make here, is that a blog or even a FB post are deceiving at times. I choose what you see.  I have come to realize though that by only posting the success’, some of this is coming off as not do-able, and that is the last thing I want.

So I have decided to show you the good right along with the bad and the ugly. What I ask in return is that if you have suggestions, ideas, or things that work for you, that may help me in my areas of weakness, please share them with me!!

Now, for the story of the buns. I shared the burger bun recipe with you and said how easy they are to make. That has not changed. They are easy and I hope that you will try them! However, I don’t recommend trying them while talking on the phone. Even if you have made them a lot like I have. Just Dont Do It!!!!

Remember the ads with the egg, this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs? Well I have my own version now.

These are your buns….

These are your buns courtesy of the phone.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Oh, in case you were wondering, the napkin is there for a reason. You really don’t want to see my counter at the moment. One thing at a time remember! A person can only handle so much at once!

Love from imperfect me,



8 thoughts on “These are your buns…..

  1. And I still think so highly of you! I speak of you often to my friends about what a great mom, wife, friend, relative, etc that my little cousin Jason chose in his wife b/c she is just awesome! I couldn’t make your flat buns not on the phone much less what might happen if I was on the phone so keep your chin up girl, you are great!

  2. LOL….I think we “all” have experienced pitfalls! But I must say, you seem to cover it all very well. By the way, those buns look scrupous! Wonderful post and many, many blessings to you….Robin

  3. I think the ‘phone buns’ look pretty good too. It all comes down to what it tastes like anyway.

    Perfection? Ah, who wants that any way?

    I messed up frying potatoes once. Very badly. And my father in law dropped in unexpectedly so he ate dinner with us. He kept asking what I had done because he absolutely LOVED the potatoes. They were supposed to be home fries. Instead it was a glob of potato something something on the plate. But he loved them.

    🙂 And I remember making those potatoes over any of the ones that came out right.

    I love your stories by the way.

  4. I love your reality check! I’ve been thinking about doing one myself (mostly to show the random, unfinished portions of our house that always seem to be strangely just off-camera when I take photos). Perfect is so overrated. 🙂

    BTW….have you ever noticed that we employ the same blog template? Great minds, you know….!

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