Creatures of the mist

There have been books written about Gorillas in the Mist, but nobody has written about the creatures of the mist that live in Montana. Nobody that is, until now.

I first encountered these strange creatures yesterday. I knew that documentation of a new species would be important. The world needs to know that they are taking their life in their own hands when they visit Montana. There are some things that you just can’t explain. No matter how much you observe them, you will never truly understand. They areΒ some of the most perplexing creatures I have ever witnessed.

What makes them do the things they do?

Act the way they act?

Make the noises that they make? I mean, are they communicating with each other in some primal language?

Oh the questions that I have! I am afraid however, that the answers are going to alludeΒ me. As I do more research on the subject I will inform you of my findings. For now, here are the pictures I was able to get before I had to run and hide from these mysterious beings.

I first notice something approaching…

It’s slowly taking shape.

AHH!! There is more than one. These creatures move in packs, probably better to attack unsuspecting victims that way.


They stop and look behind, almost as if they hear something following. Are there more of them, or something else? Anything that makes these creatures nervous makes me really nervous!

They are too close now, they can probably smell my fear. I must hide. More later….

From my hiding spot inside the creatures’ territory,







23 thoughts on “Creatures of the mist

  1. Hollywood couldn’t top this story! Suspense, anticipation and a very happy and meaningful ending. To say the least, your creative imagination is most impressive, pictures included. I need sit a while on your Montana Front Porch to get a good dose of this.

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