Fall interrupted

Yesterday we harvested our tomatoes, pulled up the pumpkin vines that weren’t able to produce this year, and got rid of the flowers that had seen better days. Fall has officially arrived. The kids spent the afternoon raking leaf piles to jump into and just enjoyed some of the last warm weather we will have for a while. I’m talking nine months awhile. Oh sure we will have some days here and there that are warm, but they are limited in number.

It took me awhile but I am ready for the season change. Ready for apple cider, pumpkins, cozy fires and pie! I’m getting ready for snow. Wait, what? Snow? October 3rd = snow? Apparently this year, yes it does. Snow. Hmmm, not sure what to think about this. Snow……..

Chore time just got a whole lot colder!

The poor girls weren’t sure if they wanted to come out this morning.

The brave ones

Dori is all sorts of fluffy this morning.

Polly seems to be the hardiest out of the three.

Poor Cora is molting so she didn’t join us for our picture session this morning.

The last of the flowers that were too pretty to pull up.

Our prize for this growing season. It may be small but the bear didn’t eat it and we were told the growing season was too short for pumpkins. Win!!!

Happy fall day!











8 thoughts on “Fall interrupted

  1. If I can put an order in for fall: long, slow slow slow turn to winter. Crisp and clean air. Baking smells in the air. Sweatshirt weather. Winter for a week. Can I do that?

    Love the pictures!

  2. While the winter snows may be tremendous, I am envious of your four seasons… Beautiful country and beautiful family life. The color of Autumn is gorgeous… and Yogi the Bear should go into hibernation soon! I canNOT believe the dusting of snow. It will be 90 degrees out here at my office today.

  3. To say the least, fantastic article and awesome pictures ! I wish I was there to take it all in. I’ve been in the Rockies in the winter and it can be tough, but believe me it’s worth every minute.

  4. Snow??! We’d freak out if there was snow here (even more than your chooks, I’m afraid). I’m still in flip-flops and shorts. Probably will be until the week before Christmas. Enjoy your break!

    Lovely photos, Bobbie!

      • My kids hate that we don’t get snow down here; my being a native Texas Gulf Coast girl, I rather like it that way! We might get a flurry or two in December, but it’s never cold enough to stick on the ground more than a few hours. Snowmen are very short in height and duration. Drat that.

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