My Secret World

I found a secret world this morning, hidden back behind the house. Down the creek, amidst the willows and old trees that lean so far over they almost lay on the ground.Β  Behind the privacy of their screening branches the creek runs in total silence around all of the fall obstacles, and for the moments that I paused there, I remembered what it was like to believe in elves and fairies and those that you never see, just feel. Magical childhood.




9 thoughts on “My Secret World

  1. Bobbie… you can sure put things in the proper perspective. You obviously know where the real values of life come from. Your articles are fantastic! My wife used your recipe for the oatmeal cookies with the fillings and they were greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat ! …as Tony the Tiger would say.

    And, for your information I just posted a short new article on my WordPress website ( ) about the Blue Angels. It’s G rated, has 3 videos and the background music is fantastic. It’s about the pilots that fly F-18 fighters. These videos are fun for anyone to watch. Frankly, I put this little article together with the kids in my daughter-in-law’s kindergarten class in mind and any other kids that might like planes. Anyway, if you see fit, give it look see, and I hope you and your kids get a kick out of videos.

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