The Montana way of saying goodbye to wood rats

As mentioned previously, we had a problem in our bathroom ceiling.

The first thing we noticed was the sounds that came from above whenever you turned on the fan. Nice loud scurrying sounds of something leaving the vicinity of the now loud ceiling for the quieter walls.

Next we noticed the random leaf on the bathroom rug. With kids and dogs, and kids, yes, they were mentioned twice for a reason, leaves in the bathroom would not be a warning sign of something bad going on up above.

However, when those leaves were joined by rat, um…… um…… um…..ok I’ll just say it,  pooh, and the ceiling developed a crack, we knew we had a problem.

This is a problem!

The dogs had always taken care of the rats before but this little bugger had avoided their radar. You want to see a dog go crazy, just watch them be able to hear a rat in the wall and have no way of getting to it.

This guy was smart. I don’t know how he got to a food source, but I never saw him touch the ground. The other problem with these rats, is that they are cute. No seriously!!! Think chinchilla cute. Bushy tail, huge ears, cute face. I would consider one for a pet. Well, maybe not, but still! Cute is cute. The problem with cute is that I have a hard time killing it. Thankfully Jason does not suffer from the same brain malfunctions that I do.

The first step in the process of ridding ourselves of this problem was to get rid of the nest. So…..

The nest

Next step,

Assess the situation.

Yes you are seeing this correctly. This is no piddlydinkin mouse we are after, but a rat that’s bigger than our five month old kitten. Appropriate measures had to be taken!

Moving too fast for a clear picture, but not fast enough to get him.

He got away.

We left the panels out of the ceiling until we could catch him. He made it a game to sit up there and watch you. Very unnerving experience! Thankfully someone lent us the  “Rat Zapper”, and after five minutes, I kid you not, we had him.

I know this story would have been better if Jason would have got his trophy. However, I’m just glad he is gone. Now let’s just hope it didn’t have friends!

From our zoo,






10 thoughts on “The Montana way of saying goodbye to wood rats

  1. Wait!!! DId you measure??? I would love to know the um… size of this gigantic rat 🙂 and they are cute!! In a cage. By themselves, no litter mates 🙂

    • I was worried for awhile that we maybe killed a girl and that we would have her babies left in the walls but I haven’t heard or smelled anything so for now I think we are good! As for length , I didn’t measure at the time but its tail was left sticking out the end of the zapper and the unit is 11 inches long, so that plus the tail I would guess 14-15 inches. 🙂 Only you would ask that! LOL LOL

  2. Great story ! I know it wasn’t any fun, but I love the sense of humor you guys managed to keep through it all. Guess what, you’re in good company…folks in New York, Chicago, Memphis, Los Angeles, etc. have the same problem, except, no matter how they try, they can’t get rid their rats as quick as you did. Not to mention, these city folks don’t have the beautiful soothing view from their front porch, window or balcony that you have. I know you guys realize this, but for those who don’t, remember God’s creation is still wonderful, though it might sometimes appear otherwise.

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