Homemade Corn Dogs

I love corn dogs. I don’t care if they are one hundred percent unhealthy. Honestly I don’t! They are delicious. End of story. Ya, ya, I know that they are nasty hotdogs coated in batter and fried. Like I previously stated, I don’t care what they are made of or how they are made, they make me happy.

What doesn’t make me happy about them? The price. With six of us eating them for lunch you need two boxes of the suckers and they aren’t cheap! Because of my love to trim our shopping list whenever possible, I had quit buying corn dogs. Note above, where I stated my love for them and the happiness they induce. In other words, I was saving money but we all missed them. So started the search for the perfect recipe. Here is the result of my search with Bobbie tweaks added in for good measure.

Corn Dogs                     240 carbs per batch divided by how many hotdogs you use

1 Cup cornmeal                                                  1/4 tsp. baking powder

1 Cup flour                                                           1/4 Cup sugar

1/4 tsp. salt                                                          1 egg

1/8 tsp. pepper                                                   1 Cup milk

12-16 skewers                                                     12-16 hotdogs

Lard or oil for frying

I use a Fry-daddy to cook these in but you could make a skillet work also. Go ahead and turn it on now so your oil is really hot.

Start by whisking all of the dry ingredients together.

Then you add the egg and milk and whisk until it’s smooth.

pancake batter consistency

Now you are going to skewer your dogs. Try to run the skewer the whole way to the top if you can.

Poor things

Here comes the hardest part of the whole process. Getting the batter to stick on the dogs.

Dip ’em in

and start using that spoon!


The trick is to get them covered, but not too thickly or the centers won’t cook the whole way. Once they are covered immediately place them in the oil. If you try to prepare them ahead of time, you will end up having to rebatter them. Experience speaking here!

Fry them up and refuse to think about the lard! They are worth it!!!

Repeat above steps until your batter and dogs are gone.

Happiness is….

Now repeat after me, ” these are homemade without preservatives and fillers therefore they are better for me. The lard did not matter!” Feel better? Good! Because bliss is waiting for you. Go ahead and enjoy!

” Hi, my name is Bliss. I’m your friend! “












18 thoughts on “Homemade Corn Dogs

  1. My husband would LOVE these. He’s the only meat eater in our house. Good job and they look so much better than the boxed variety. I like foods that aren’t so uniform looking or shaped.
    I’m sure you have nothing else to do, so next time you need the skewers or sticks, go on out to the nearest willow tree and break off some of the smaller branches. Peel back the bark and cut the sticks to size. You can even leave a little hook or branchlet on the end. 😀 😀 I think I was born in the wrong century.

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