Moving on, but for how long?

The Game and Fish came and set their bear trap yesterday evening. Apparently it is in high demand right now. Our bear is one of three black bears that are in need of moving at the moment. They were nice enough to try for ours first because of the kids.

They set the trap up next to the dump and baited it with apple slices and then left. Sometime during the night he just couldn’t resist the smell of fresh fruit. Compared to the smell of the other stuff in the dump, I would have climbed in there too!

Note: Yes there is a dump here. They dig a nice size hole that we use, and then on days when it has the potential to rain or it’s really calm with no wind, they burn it. It’s been too dry and windy lately. Soon!

The trap

Keep Away! Except when taking pictures for you blog! ( that was the small print that you can’t see from your computer.)

Can you see his head?

It’s funny that the closer you get to the cage, the less you can actually see except for his eyes and nose,he had those smashed against the wire smelling us. I wasn’t willing to stick my camera against the mesh though so you will have to make-do with what I have.

He will be moved over the mountain today to hopefully make a new home for himself before winter. Just between you and me, I don’t think we have seen the last Gnomey. In fact I heard him singing, as we drove away, the line from Happy Trails that says, “until we meet again!”

On that note,Happy Trails to you!






14 thoughts on “Moving on, but for how long?

  1. First of all, I wouldn’t have to READ the warning to stay away! And you will miss Gnomey but as it turns out, he was NOT smarter than the average bear. Ranger Smith has done his/her job well. Picnic baskets are saved. 🙂 Nevertheless, it is grand that there is still true wildlife in this great country.

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