Not your average yard gnome

Went outside tonight to try to cool Liberty down. After the heat of the day and baking a cake on top of that, the house was an oven. I mean hot!! So out we go meandering, ” Oh look at the pretty Lillies!”

” Look how well the cabbages are doing!”

” Lets go around and look at the other flowers.”

“Lets go running back inside and hope the bear doesn’t follow us!!!! ”

As we wandered around the corner of the house we startled a young black bear. Now I was raised in bear country. Quite honestly you adjust to having them around. You know that they are there and you become accustomed to that knowledge. The same way that some people in different parts of the country know to watch for snakes or alligators. It’s part of life. That being said, I was not expecting one in the backyard. In the year that we have lived here I have only seen one bear up on the mountain so finding one here caught me off guard. So if some of the pictures are blurry I’m not ashamed to say that it took my hands a little bit to quit shaking!

yard gnome anyone?

chillin’ out

Letting the dog try to chase it off. Emphasis on try.

Instead of leaving….

I will just taunt you…..

and act bored by it all.

Big yawn

I like it here…

I think I’ll stay.

Goodnight from our neck of the woods.

Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bears , um, bedbugs bite!



19 thoughts on “Not your average yard gnome

    • I saw him around 7:30ish and he finally left the yard around 11. The dogs woke us up at 4 this morning when he came back and was walking through my garden. The game and fish are coming to move him today. They are pretty sure he is the same one who has started getting into peoples garbage and cars. 😦

  1. Oh my gosh! That is .. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this!!!

    And for the record…. bears over bedbugs ANY TIME!!!!

  2. The only thing that makes me cringe would be if the KIDS found him outside! Of course, bears aren’t people-eaters, but a mama with a cub around can be awfully “bossy” if someone stumbles in between them. So glad it was you who saw him and got the little ones indoors.

    I would be much more concerned if it was a mountain lion.

  3. That is too funny – well maybe not if it was me who found the bear – I am a city gal! I like how he is taunting you to try and make him leave, I can almost hear him growl…”go ahead make my day!” They are beautiful animals and you have some nice photos. I would take bears over criminals any day..Like your bears, we know the criminals are here, we are accustomed to them being around, we just keep a look out for them and remember its a part of city life! As far as critters, the worse we have are chipmunks who have run amok – they are everywhere this summer. 🙂 Blessings ~ Patty

  4. Great post, loved it. And your pics are perfect, along with captions.
    The black bear live here among the Sasquatch, at least that what folks say… I know they visit me every fall, though I have yet to see one in my yard. The apple trees have deep, very deep slices in the bark where they climb to eat and eat some more.
    Cougar have been spotted here only once, and I hope, not too soon. Food is still plentiful in this county, so I think my ponies are pretty safe. 🙂
    Thanks again.

  5. Nice lookin’ bear.. he looks healthy and happy 🙂 maybe would be a beautiful rug 🙂 and I know that Jason was thinking the same thing!! lol lol but on a serious note, I’m glad that you and the kids saw him in time to get outta the way. And I’m glad that the kids got to see him up close! That is sooo much fun!

    We saw a pretty little cinnamon black bear while we were camping last weekend. Came within 50 feet of the tents and he wasn’t scared AT ALL 🙂 The boys were coming up from the lake and he was headed toward them (lumbering)… no issues though. The boys go to camp first and he left and didn’t come back 😉

    • I’m glad that the boys didn’t have any trouble with him! It’s always fun to be able to see them up close, I just prefer when I see them before they see me!

      A bear rug would be warm in front of the fire but really stinky! 🙂

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