Driving just to drive

Have you ever just taken a drive for the sake of seeing whats on the other side of the hill? And then the next and then the next and, oh well, what the heck, we might as well see what around that corner up there also. Oh look! Another corner/hill! Lets look just so we know! I mean, if we don’t, then we might miss something spectacular! Something that leaves us speechless. For me the speechless part is a big deal! Seriously, it doesn’t happen very often!

Jason introduced me to the art of driving just to drive early in our relationship. I remember us going out in my truck, and him pulling out onto this dirt road that we had never been down before. I finally had to ask him where we were going and he simply stated, “for a drive.”

“Ya, but a drive to where?”

” I don’t know, wherever this road goes I suppose.”

” But what if it doesn’t go anywhere?”

” I actually hope that it doesn’t.”


” Because then we can just enjoy the scenery and not be bothered by a bunch of people.”

” Oh.”

And drive we did. For a couple of hours. To nowhere, and yet somewhere. We followed that dirt road past farms and ranches and state land, on and on and on, until we needed to turn around or risk running out of fuel.

That was our first drive of many. We now look for roads when we were out driving to “somewhere” and go back later, just to drive. To see if they end up somewhere or nowhere. We always prefer when they go to places that used to be somewheres but are now nowheres. The kids have learned early that when we say we are going for a drive, we will be gone for a while. The youngest are still trying to figure out why we have to torture them in this way. The oldest are starting to realize that it’s not all bad. They usually get a picnic and a park or hike in the deal.

We went for a drive not too long ago and found some of the most beautiful scenery we have come across yet. The road was not a back road by any means. We have just never been in that direction before so it was fascinating. We also found some very promising smaller roads that we will be exploring in the future. When we do, I will share, but for now here are the highlights from this drive.


Sluice Boxes State Park

This was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen!

Pure beauty

From forest to this

When it started to look like this, we knew it was time to turn around.

I have never drooled over a house before the way I did with this one. I would live here in a heartbeat. Jason wasn’t sure if they would take kindly to me just moving in without being asked, so he refused to drop me off.

And finally, the perfect ending to our newest adventure.

Happy Driving,




14 thoughts on “Driving just to drive

  1. You are surrounded by bliss…although Costco is a necessary evil. But your images and writing clearly show how brave some young families were nearly 200 years ago, challenging this beautiful land in Conestoga wagons, an axe, a rifle or two and a strong will.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • We have said that many times, when we come across an area that is still wild today and it makes you wonder what it all had to look like to those crossing it for the first time. How huge and full of promise and yet as intimidating as heck. The pioneers were truly a brave and strong people that, if we are 100% honest, Jason and I envy them! 🙂 Thank you again for reposting!

  2. We look forward to our longer drives, it always it a great time for discussions, talking things out, and when we’re finished with everything there is to say, there comes that peaceful, content silence. We’ve had our best talks in the truck :). Great post, great idea, great views.

  3. Oh my. If I lived where you do, I’d go drive “just to drive” every day! And I’d explore every nook-and-cranny little road. It’s very flat here, swampy, brushy. You have to drive hours to get any real “change in scenery” where we are. I’m particularly fond of the photo of your daughter on the rock. So serene!

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