On bums teaching kids

There are many ways to teach children how to be responsible. Many ways to teach them how to put others before themselves. Many ways to teach them to care. To be quiet, calm, and patient. Enter the bum. Or should I say bums. There are two of them here and my children are solely responsible for their care. For making sure they have enough to eat, and clean water to drink. To make sure they have a clean bed to sleep on and get adequate exercise. If they do this properly, then in the fall they will also learn a hard lesson on how to say goodbye.

Let me introduce you to these bums.

Zack and Zoltar the bums


Zack is actually a twin who’s mom decided she liked the other baby better and left him to his own defenses.  Poor baby.

The face a mother should love

This happens a lot with twins, where for whatever reason, the mom decides to only take care of one. If she tries to keep them both, a lot of times there isn’t enough milk for both so the rancher will take one of them and pair it up with a cow who lost her baby. In this case there weren’t any cows without babies who’s milk supply hadn’t already dried up. Here is where kids come in handy!

Who could say no to eyes like these?

They aren’t quite sure what happened to Zoltar’s mom but he was left all alone too.

Zoltar, the name that only makes sense if you have seen Puss In Boots a gazillion times.

This is the little guy that, on the first day here, took a running start at Gabe and head butted him. Never has Gabe ran or climbed a fence so fast in his life! Of course being the loving parents that we are, we didn’t laugh. Nope, not us!

Sweet baby now.

As was mentioned, the kids have to make sure these guys receive the food they need. Grass is obviously on the menu as is milk.



Another aspect of their diet are pellets. These have the same nutrients in them that milk does, they are just easier to feed and cheaper. Like a lot cheaper. Like think 80 dollars cheaper. Ya, that’s what I said, and the face that I made! You slowly decrease their daily milk consumption while upping their pellets.  I couldn’t wait for them to be off the milk completely!

Not sure about these things…..

The kids water and feed them twice a day, and play with them in between. They are working on halter breaking them so it’s easier to get them to new grass. Basically what I’m saying, is that they are making friends with someone who they know they will have to say goodbye to this fall. They know this, and yet being able to care for someone makes it worthwhile. Knowing that they are needed and that they can make a difference are life changing. Yes, they are just animals, but if you can’t show kindness to an animal that doesn’t do anything to purposefully hurt you, then how will you ever be able to show kindness to a person that will at some point fail you?

This is one of the ways we have chosen to teach our kids compassion. I like the way it looks on them!

Tucker receiving their affection.

Love from here,



6 thoughts on “On bums teaching kids

  1. I love your approach on teaching compassion through animals. The ability to “show kindness to a person that will at some point fail you” is a huge benefit to relationships later in life (Jesus teaches us to love unconditionally, but who actually DOES this?).

    Lovely post, Montana. Teaching through animals and nature is golden, I tell you!

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