OOOO, Thats pretty!!!!


I love sunflowers! They used to be my all-time favorite flower. I even had a bedspread that was covered in them. In fact the first quilt that I ever made, Ok the only quilt that I ever made, was blocks with sunflowers on them. I was in tenth grade and I entered it in a contest. It didn’t win anything, but I still love that quilt! One day Jason has promised to take me to the midwest to see the fields of sunflowers. And to go antique/junk store shopping. He tells me its way better down there than it is up here. Here if it says antique on the store you know you can’t afford to shop there.

Wow that was off subject!

Back to sunflowers. I love them still. This sunflower though, might be my favorite of all time! It might take some of my affection away from my quilt. After all the quilt brought no awards, but this flower is the award!!

Another award! To me!! How very surprising! How very invigorating! Oh how I want to jump up and down and squeal like I used to in elementary school with the girls! I won’t though since the kids are still sleeping. Darn adulthood.

This Readers Appreciation Award was given to me by . Her blog follows her father’s WW11 letters to her mother, and also captures her life in the desert of California. The letters are moving, and her stories are funny. You really need to go check her out. Seriously!

So the fact that she chose to give me an award is a little on the awesome side. This award has some questions to answer as usual, and then I will nominate several blogs that I appreciate. Blogs that I think you would appreciate.

#1, Favorite color: Favorite color changes from day-to-day. Anything that is bright and cheerful. An easier question would have been my least favorite color, which is grey. Very depressing that one!

#2, Favorite animal: Again a question that may look easy on the outside but really isn’t. Horse! Dog! Cat! Moose! Kids! Oops, did I say kids?!

#3, Favorite nonalcoholic drink: Water. See, I don’t make everything difficult.

#4, Facebook or Twitter: Seeing as how I like to talk and hold a normal conversation, Facebook. A snippet here or there is just not satisfying for me.

#5, Favorite pattern: Oh this ones too much for me!

#6, Giving or receiving gifts: If people keep sending me socks I will be forced to change my answer to receiving. Apparently they have been reading my posts!

#7, Favorite number: 7, It’s the perfect number in the Bible and my family’s new number. Perfect all around!

#8, Day of the week: Jason’s days off. Since they vary week to week or month to month I can’t be more specific.

#9, Favorite flower: Today, sunflowers! Usually pansies and violas. Such happy faces they have.

#10, My passions: There are six of them. They go by Jason, Tucker, Gabriel, Gracie, Beau and Liberty. Throw in some scripture and chocolate to keep me sane and I’m one happy girl!

Whew! You now know more about me than you ever wanted to, so let’s get on to the fun part! Nominating some great blogs for this Readers Appreciation Award!! And the nominees are…… Masako and Spam Musubi, Great stories! Trust me on this one! Thoughts from an American Woman, A family full of servicemen and women. Russel Ray Photos,San Diego area pictures and stories that make me laugh. The Real Full House, think the tv show, just in real life. Meanwhile, back at the ranch.., North Dakota has never looked so inviting!

Now to pass the love along all you have to do is what I just did above. Mention the person who gave you the award, answer the questions, nominate new people and then let them know they have been nominated.  Kinda like a chain letter I guess, but I never enjoyed getting those! Awards now, they are a different story. Awards I will respond too!

Love from the Awards Show,



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