The whole kitten-kaboodle

Have you ever put off doing something? I think some people call it procrastination.


Have you ever forgotten to do something? Some people call it, well, forgetfulness. Or ol’ timers. Or fried mommy brain.


Have you ever thought of doing something, but every time you think of it you put it off for financial reasons? Some people call that life.


Well I have learned that there are some things you should try your very hardest to remember to do on time. Or to make yourself spend the money on in a timely manner.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so I will just be quiet now and chalk this one up to a lesson learned!


sassafras aka Sassy with her five, uuuhhh, products of procrastination

Reasons # 1-5 why not to put certain things off

The good news is that I have five great door prizes for the next five visitors! Come on now, no shoving to be the first in line!


12 thoughts on “The whole kitten-kaboodle

  1. Hahahaha! Oh I love it! Especially procrastination, numbers 1-5! I so thankful I’ve never procrastinated myself into this position, because I would be a crazy cat lady in no time! I’d never be able to part with those fuzzy little guys!

    • My kids don’t want to part with them but thankfully I have friends and family who want them! If I didn’t already have three cats, three dogs, two hamsters, three horses and two calves I might want to keep them also but as it is…… well I think I’m good for now! 🙂

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