Something Lovely

If I had known that there were amazing things like awards for this blogging thingy I probably would have started a lot sooner! I mean how much fun is it to find out that someone likes your writing enough to give you an award for it! This award nomination really couldn’t have come at a nicer time either, while we are figuring out Gracie’s diabetes and all. So I want to thank Shannon at . I don’t remember how I stumbled upon Dirt n Kids but I’m so glad that I did! If she lived closer I think we would be good friends, like in real life and not just through the computer! I mean really you guys, she has dirt and kids in her title, how much more alike can you get! Yes, besides the fact that she likes spiders and takes pictures of them and doesn’t smoosh them into nothingness like me, we would be great friends. Little details, little details.

So Shannon nominated me for !!!! How exciting is that?! I’m flattered! And all because she enjoys me scatter-brainedness enough to read my blog! It doesn’t get much better than that!

The rules for the Lovely Blog Award are as follows:

  1: Recognize the nominating blogger and the award.

  2: Nominate seven lovely bloggers for the award and notify them.

  3: Share seven fun facts about myself.

So I told you about the loveliness that is to be found at Dirtnkids and now I will endeavor to nominate seven blogs that I thoroughly enjoy reading.

  1:   Bloom has a lovely (maybe not a strong enough word) garden that she shares with thoughts that make you think and daydream all at the same time. 

  2:   Not so Fancy Nancy is honoring her Dad by sharing his wartime letters with the rest of us, along with her stories of living in the desert of California.

  3: Rugged Grace is the first blog I ever read. She is also the one who twisted my arm the most to get me started on here. She is a lovely friend, with lovely thoughts.

  4; Sagebrush Lessons is another dear friend who had her hand in getting me to blog. She lives in Wyoming and shares from her vast knowledge about the outdoors and wildlife of the west. We have used her ideas for home school science class.

5: Farmhouse 38 is a new addition, but I’m already in love with her blog. Chickens in suburban CA. Need I say more?

6: At home in Alaska has lovely pictures and recipes that always make me hungry! I’m pretty sure I’ve come close to drooling at times, but we won’t talk about that!

 7:  Domestic Diva, MD always gets a giggle out me while she shares her doctor funnies with yummy recipes.

I don’t hold a candle to these ladies, so you really need to check them out! I know you will enjoy them as much as I do!

Now for the seven fun facts about me…..Hmmmmmm…what can I tell without embarrassing myself too much?

 1: I enjoy reading the dictionary! Blame my mom.

 2: I would rather clean a toilet than dust. I don’t know what it is, but I hate to dust. When you come visit, please don’t touch anything or it will leave strange marks that look strangely like fingerprints. If a crime ever happens here the police will have an easy job finding the culprit!

 3: With five kids I’m not far from the goal I set in kindergarten to have six kids and maybe  a baby. Nobody had enlightened me yet that you can’t have one without the other! Oh well, live and learn and change your goal to five kids!

 4: Jason and I eloped. Looking back now, we would do it differently. Sorry Mom and Dad! However it is what it is and I love this man so much its scary!

 5: I’m hopelessly addicted to a good romance. I don’t care if they all have the same story line and end the same way! I love them!!!

 6: I make Jason laugh by crying at the same movies every single time I watch them. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen them, I will cry.

 7: I enjoy saying hi and smiling at people who are super grumpy looking or acting, just to watch their reaction. We had a lady who worked at our Wal-Mart back home, and she was miserable!!!  We made it our personal goal to make her smile. It took us months, but the day finally came when she not only smiled but spoke to us as well! She is now their friendliest door greeter and you better not go through that way if you are in a hurry because she will talk your ear off!

So there you are, left with eight wonderful blogs to visit and seven things you probably didn’t need to know about me ,but now do anyway!




7 thoughts on “Something Lovely

  1. Hey!! You so deserve a shout-out. If not for your most LOVEly blog, for what you’ve been through the last month. And just when you settle into five, all normal and cozy, the sixth comes along. HA! I’ll be here when you reach that status, girl. You are waaaaay crazier than me when it comes to being kid-momma — spiders and gators included. Three was plenty for us, but we were well committed to another once we realized it…

    Thank you so much for the kind words and for sending people over my way. If they are comparing my blog to yours, I certainly hope I don’t disappoint. I have some pretty big shoes…er uh, gum boots to fill.

    • BTW, I think it’s awesome that you eloped. Remember: it’s not too late to have a formal wedding. You just call it “renewal of vows” instead. Then the kids can be involved, and the parents get their wedding. And a big falootin’ party breaks out in town to celebrate the nuptials. Everyone wins.

      • Shannon thank you for the laugh! We have actually thought and talked about a “renewal” just so I could wear the white dress and have the fun and headache of planning something but we will have to see! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on receiving your well-deserved One Lovey Blog Award, and Thank You so much for nominating me. I am truly honored.

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