On the subject of gold…..

I’m folding laundry earlier, (with 6 of us it’s a never-ending job), while Gracie colored at the kitchen table. I hear, with only the excitement a 4-year-old girl can express,

MOM!! MOM!!! It’s a GOLD pencil!! It’s GOLD Mom!! “


Me, not quite understanding the significance behind this, ” Yes, gold is a very nice color to use for lots of things, isn’t it?” Oh how boring I sound! Lets agree to blame it on the laundry shall we? Ok? Good!

Gracie, ” No MOM, it’s GOLD!!! WE’RE RICH!! GOLD MEANS WE’RE RICH!!! “


Of all the things that made me laugh today, that one was the best! I laughed so hard she actually got offended and told me it was not funny! That made me giggle some more, which is where she decided to leave my company. I love the innocence of kids!

Gracie got me to thinking about gold though, and since my mind jumps from one thing to another fairly easily I thought I would share my minds wonderings with you.

Gold is the color of my Mothers Day flowers that the kids brought to me today!

Gold is also the color of Buck, one of our pound puppies..

His eyes are even gold which frightens most people!

We watched a movie a couple of weeks ago called Rugged Gold, which is based on a real womans journals. She remarried a gold miner and moves to Alaska and then gets stuck there all winter by herself, pregnant and hurt. It’s an older movie but definitely family worthy! The kids all sat through it and only when she got hurt did the youngest ones get frightened. Very clean family fun. We highly recommend it. The book is no longer in print but it is on eBay and Amazon and currently on my need to read list. Its titled “Oh Rugged Land of Gold” by Martha Martin.

With the weather warming up Jason has started talking about gold panning again. There were a ton of old claims on the mountain behind the house at one point in time and the creeks are the “good kind” as far as panning goes. Don’t ask me why they are the “good kind”, Jason knows the answer to that one, and he has probably told me before and I have obviously forgotten it. If you really want to know I suppose you can ask and I will ask him!

Anyway, panning is something that Jason enjoys doing. The kids enjoy it also, so it makes for a free family outing that is fun and gets everyone out of the house! Win/Win! If you were to ask if we have ever found gold I would answer no and Jason would answer not yet. In this area he is more of an optimist than me. However it’s a moot point because when you can have your family together having this much fun it’s worth it!

One last thought on gold for the day, with the price of it these days, its one more reason for Jason to be glad he chose me since I prefer silver anyway!

From my wondering mind to yours,



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