The Babies are Here!!!

Oh calving season, how I am so glad you are almost over! And I had nothing to do with the process of it, so I can imagine how happy the guys are that this phase is almost over! It’s very stressful knowing that these calves have such an impact on the future of the ranch. Some will be sold, some will be replacements for the older cows and every single one counts! Then you add to that stress, the lack of sleep mixed with working in the cold and you get a process, that while essential and somewhat fun to watch, is exhausting!! Like I said, I have nothing to do with the process except to try to keep my guy fed and dry and warm, and yet I’m tired and want to whine…..maybe thats nothing new for me though!

The biggest hurdle is over with the first calf heifers finishing up a couple of weeks ago. Tucker chose to spend one of his nights with Dad in the calving barn….

… AND somehow managed to stay awake all night, and long enough into the morning to get some pictures for those of us who chose to not spend a full night in the calving barn…..*cough cough*, that would be me! ( there are some perks to having small children, one of them being that they just can’t all spend the night out there and somebody has to be home with them! )

Even though we don’t have the best camera, babies are babies, and they are all cute!

Now that I can see the end in sight, I can look out at the pastures full of playful babies and protective mammas and see why it was all worth it, and understand why they choose to do this year after year. It’s a beautiful way to live!






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