Cream Cheese Filled Hamburgers

I had to have something amazing to go on the homemade hamburger buns that had just come out of the oven! No ordinary burger was going to cut it. And since I was on a roll with one accomplishment under my belt for the day I had to keep the momentum going! That’s where the cream cheese comes in, and I’m fairly certain that you can customize this to your hearts and taste buds content without any problems. ( Dont quote me on that though!)

Your going to start with 2 pounds of hamburger and season it how you want it. I just added pepper, salt, onions and some garlic, since everything is better with garlic! Then we always add a little bit of olive oil to the mixture as it seems to help everything stick together better. When that’s all mixed, you’re going to make patties about a quarter of an inch thick. For every burger that you want, make two of these patties. Once you have the patties, place chunks of cream cheese on half of them.


My cream cheese was frozen since I forgot to get it out sooner thats why it looks funny. After thats done place the remaining patties on top and pinch the edges together to seal the yummies inside!


Now your ready to fry or grill them up how you normally would. Just remember not to press on them with the spatula as this will make the cheese squeeze out the edges.


Like I said I’m fairly certain you could customize these a hundred different ways like adding jalapeno to the cheese. I’m going to try adding guacamole to a couple next time and see how they turn out. Have you made these before? What did you add to yours? Let me know!

They were perfect with the buns! 🙂


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