The Dancers Outside my Window

Snow never ceases to amaze me with its beauty.  I could sit and get lost in a daze while watching snow fall the same way you can while watching a fire. It’s silent decent to earth is beautiful and mesmerizing.

Being from Wyoming it was rare to get to experience snow that fell straight down instead of being blown out at a 90 degree angle. Snow is rarely a peaceful experience back home! Here however it seems that the snow calms the rest of the weather.  Almost as if the whole world stops to enjoy the show. Try to imagine it……

The stage is set with the heavy grey curtains just waiting for their cue so they can open up and let the show officially start. The lights are dimmed to set the mood. There is noise at first as everyone gets settled, but as the time draws closer you can sense the mood shift and slowly the rustling stops until only the occasional whisper can be heard. Slowly as the lights dim a little more, the curtains start to open and the first tiny dancers appear. Silently twirling, secure in their beauty, they dance with grace and joy, reveling in the freedom of finally being allowed to perform.

At first the audience is puzzled. While these little ones are beautiful, aren’t there going to be more? The reports had been written as if this was going to be a show to remember. A show worth slowing down for. A show that would leave you on the edge of your seats with the beauty of it. Where was it?

And then as if from nowhere the other dancers start filling the stage, more and more until all you can see is them dancing together. Where at first your attention was drawn to the individuals, now you can’t seem to pick just one to watch. The way they move together is so well planned! The grace! The pureness! The uniqueness of each, when combined, makes for one of the most satisfying shows this group has ever had the chance to see. Everyone is so riveted, that the only noise to be heard is the rustle of the tiny dresses. It’s a sound that brings a presence of peace. No one knows how long they were lost in it, but slowly they come out of their trance and drift away back to other quiet activities, the whole time quietly aware of the show that is still going on around them.

Some say this show just happens. That it’s the way of things. A fluke if you will that comes when outside elements combine in the right way. But to those that took the time to watch, to sit in silence and experience the beauty, there is no denying that there had to be someone behind it. A Master of production who could take the ordinary , turn it into something extraordinary and leave the audience breathless with the beauty of it. Someone who delights in giving only the best to those willing to slow down enough to enjoy and experience the childlike wonder of it.

Nothing bad ever comes from taking the time to see the beauty in the world around you. It was put there for a reason. My guess is, that reason is you!


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