If you are what you eat, then lets be Sweet! aka,The Cream Puff

Sometimes you just need something sweet. Very sweet. I’m not talking carrot sweet. I’m talking the kind of sweet that leave you satisfied and not looking in the fridge for something else to eat. I’ve tried the whole carrot route before and quite frankly I aint buying it! I believe in enjoying what you eat. Not gorging, but enjoying. I mean seriously, if this is your last day do you really want your sweets to have been a carrot?! HAHA I thought not!

Now my mom is a lover of sweets and old cookbooks like me. ( I got it honestly!) A couple Christmas’ ago she found two Betty Crocker picture cookbooks and gave one to me as a present. In this book she discovered a cream puff recipe with the usual custard filling. However if you are my mom or were raised by my mom, you would know that custard filling is just not good enough! So she looked in the books frosting section ( yes it is awesome enough to have a frosting section!!!) and found a recipe for a whipped chocolate frosting, and then looked further and found a chocolate drizzle to go on top. So thanks to my mom and Betty Crocker, I bring you the new and improved cream puff!

As a side note, Jason only married into my family which means he was raised with different food standards. I’m working on him but until we have him completely converted, he still likes custard fillings and things of that nature. Like I said, he’s a work in progress! Someday I may decide to be a considerate wife and make him some of these with a custard and when I do I will post it on here for those of you who, like Jason, were raised eating foods less worthy than chocolate! :)But until then….

Cream Puffs

In a saucepan heat to a boil…

1 C water

1/2 C butter

Stir in all at once…

1 C flour

Stir over low heat until mixture comes together.

Beat in 4 eggs, one at a time until thoroughly mixed. Beat until smooth.

Drop onto an ungreased pan, 8 nice sized globs.

Bake at 400* for about 45 minutes or until they are dry. Now the key to these is to cool them slowly. I thought I was doing good by only cracking the oven door and not taking them out but apparently you need to follow the cheesecake rules and not open the door !at all once you turn the oven off! Mine in the front row were more like cream flats than puffs, but still yummy!

While you are waiting for them to cool, make your frosting.

Cocoa Fluff Filling

Mix all in a chilled bowl then beat until stiff…

3 C  whipping cream

1 1/2 C  powdered sugar

3/4 C  baking cocoa

1/4 tsp. salt

It starts out like this…

and ends looking like this!…

Sorry for the grainy picture but you get the idea! Once your puffs have cooled, you’re going to cut their tops off and then scoop out any remaining doughy stuff on the inside. Like so…

Now you get to fill them with the chocolatey goodness of the fluffy filling! When they are as full as you want them put their tops back on.

Now you mix your drizzle. Make sure you are ready for it first since it hardens quickly!

Thin chocolate icing

Melt together OVER HOT WATER…

1 oz unsweetened chocolate

1 tsp. butter

Remove from over water then blend in…

1 C  powdered sugar

2 Tbs. boiling water

Beat only until smooth, not stiff! Now use a spoon and drizzle over your already delicious but about to get even more delicious, cream puffs!

Now stand back and admire your beautiful creation and remind yourself what you were taught about sharing. If however you can’t remember, or are choosing not to, I advise making them when no one else is around, that way you don’t have to remember!  What they don’t know can’t hurt them!




4 thoughts on “If you are what you eat, then lets be Sweet! aka,The Cream Puff

  1. those look soooo good!! I will have to try to make them this weekend… I am one of the custard peoples.. but I love to add sliced strawberries shaken in sugar or cherry pie filling to mine 🙂 Chocolate is really yummy also. I’ve had them but haven’t tried to make them yet. Thanks for the photos and idea 🙂

  2. Wow Bobbi! Fantastic photography, food, stories that warm hearts and insight laughter, When can I buy the book??? I read every last word and at least half of it out loud to the family. We are all loving it. I might have said we were amazed but coming from you it is no surprise at all. You have always been amazing to us! I’m looking forward to the next post as well as the tear in my eye and the stitch in my side that I am most certain will come from reading it. I’ll let you know how my most feeble attempt at your bread turns out and then you can make all the necessary corrections to my pitiful technique when we come to visit. I can’t wait! Thor says, “Snarf!”

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