The smells of home

Have you ever walked into a house and it smells amazing?!!! I love houses like that and always want one. I remember one time I went to a ladies house that I was supposed to facial and as I opened up the outside door to knock on the inside door I could already smell it! I don’t even know what the scent was but I just wanted to go in and stay to visit. It turns out she had forgotten our appointment and wasn’t there, but I didn’t even care about that by this point, I was disappointed because all I cared about anymore was finding out how she did it!! How do you make your house smell good before you even get inside?


You can smell my house before you get inside also. The first two things you will figure out is that we have dogs and kids and that one of those is in diapers. The second you might be able to discern is that I baked recently, but that’s only if it was recent enough that the goods are still warm. Once they cool the only clue you will have to the baking is the smell of my oven that’s in need of a good cleaning.


Now I have found some things that are a temporary fix for this. One is of course candles, but do you really leave a candle burning 24/7 on the off-chance that someone might stop by and be able to smell it? I love candles and would probably do this if I made all of my own and didn’t have to spend the money on store-bought ones. That hasn’t happened yet though. The most effective smell cover upper so far to be found is homemade apple cider! That stuff needs to simmer for hours and the smell stays for hours! I love it, but again are you going to keep some on the stove indefinitely?


At the moment our air in the house is super dry due to heaters and stoves and all that, so I have a pot on the stove with water simmering in it, that I had the brilliant ( for me ) idea of putting orange peals and whole cloves in. The house smells great right now and I’m loving it. However this has left me wondering if there is anybody out there with any other genius ideas that they use to keep a house smelling like something other than diaper dogs. Besides getting rid of the offending creatures, which has only crossed my mind on the rare occasion. 😉 So do tell, what do you do or use to have a house that makes people want to come in and just stay awhile?


4 thoughts on “The smells of home

  1. Apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle is an idea. Dillute the vinegar 10 to 1 with water. spray on offending messes and wipe up. Cider vinager has some sugar so it may leave a sticky finish, so it is not good for cloth. It also has an acidic Ph wich can effect wood finish. Same with distilled vinegar, but I use the same recipe in a spray bottle to combat offending smells in my house. I even walk through the house spraying this solution randomly in the air, allowing it to settle into any and everything it falls apon. I have not had any discoloring side effects. The germ killing properties of vinegar makes a neutral smell within the air. Some what like an old fashioned FeBreeze without the perfume. This does not solve the pretty smell question, but gives a clean atmosphere to begin a potpourri smell. For that problem I suggest the use of doctering your wood stove pot with nice thing as you mentioned. Maybe my sweet wife has more options for you. We really enjoy your updates, and tell your family they are in our hearts.

  2. First of all, I LOVE what you’ve done with the place! It smells rather homey up in here, for it being an internet world! ❤

    My secret is Scentsy. It took my sister nagging, my friends insisting, and then finally somebody just buying me one for Christmas before I realized that the slightly-overpriced contraptions are the best thing to hit the fragrance line! They're efficient, they smell up an ENTIRE home – not just one room, AND they're flameless and don't get hot enough for kids to hurt themselves!

    Should you find yourself meandering over there to browse, check out 'Love Spell', it's my favorite so far!

    (I also boil apple peels and cinnamon, or orange peels in the winter!)

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