From Scratch Noodles ( for real!! )

   If I were a more talented cook like my mother in law, I would not need a recipe for noodles. I asked her once to show me how to make them. She proceeded to pull out a bowl and several ingredients, pour some of this and some of that into the bowl and start mixing it around with her hands, and that’s when I asked a very silly question. “But how do you know if its right?!”  I was in awe, the same way I get when anyone cooks without at least a base recipe to start with, and I was apparently over thinking this one! She just looked at me, giggled!, and said “because it just feels right.” Ya, like that explained it all to me! I’m just not that talented yet I suppose, although it is a goal of mine to someday be able to pour some ingredients in a bowl and presto!, out comes something magnificent. In the meantime I went in search of a noodle recipe.

   I didn’t want just any noodle recipe though, I wanted an old recipe. Like I mentioned before, I prefer old cook books for a reason. The ingredients are cheap and simple and its pretty much guaranteed to be 100% from scratch. It’s very hard to find a noodle recipe in an old cookbook since it was apparently something that everyone knew how to make back in the day. Silly me, again! Next came the internet search that brought me lots of recipes for “from scratch” noodles that called for interesting stuff like frozen pie dough, or my favorite, a bag of frozen noodles! However after many rants to my very patient other half about “what part of from scratch don’t these people get?!”, I came across this recipe. Apparently this ladies grandma had been one of those “it just feels right” women, but had at her granddaughters request written down some actual measurements. She went on to say that while living, her grandma had kept her noodle making secrets, well, secret. Everybody always wanted to know how she did it and how her noodles had such a nice yellow color to them. She only ever told her granddaughter how. Just add a couple drops of yellow food coloring! It still makes me laugh! 🙂

   Now part of me was sad that after guarding such secrets for her whole life and in the end only telling one person how it was done, that her granddaughter would then post such secrets on the internet! I got over it though since I desperately wanted this recipe! So now I’m going to break the old dears trust also and spread her recipe around a little farther. And to those of you who may be reading this and saying to yourselves that you don’t need a recipe, someday I hope to join your ranks, but in the meantime, just hush! 🙂  (That was said with lots of love!)

   From Scratch Noodles (for real!)

2 1/2 C flour

a pinch of salt

2 beaten eggs

1/2 C milk

1 Tbs. butter

Stir together the flour and salt.

Add the beaten eggs, milk and butter.

Now mix these until they stick together. This must have been where the “feeling” part came in.

Knead until smooth; about 5 minutes and then let rest for 10 minutes.

Roll out to desired thickness remembering that when they cook these noodles do get bigger! Just trust me on this one!

Cut to desired length and shape.

Break them apart and either use fresh or let them dry and store them for later.

We used ours right away and made chicken noodle soup!

As a last note, my mother in law has had my soup and loved the noodles. Dont tell her I used a recipe!


3 thoughts on “From Scratch Noodles ( for real!! )

  1. You DO know you’re making the rest of us look bad, right? Sheesh!
    You should follow this up with your recipe for chicken noodle soup, because after THAT picture, that’s all I want!!

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