Making the inner me happy

   I havent worn a regular pair of socks in AGES. I dont really see the point in them to be perfectly honest. When there are so many socks out there with fun designs or animal faces or pom-poms or toes or…….. Oh my goodness the options! My point is, when I can wear something on my feet that makes me smile every time I glance in that direction then why would I wear some plain white sock that only shows me how much I need to wash my floors? 

  This will sound strange to some but my socks reflect the inner me. The part of me that wants to show herself to others more than I let her.  The part of me that was thrilled by my new colored pens and Disney CD that showed up in my stocking this year. (Jason truly knows the inner me and actually likes to bring her out!) She is the part of me that loves to write letters on interesting paper and then wait expectantly for a reply.  The one who ate a bowl of Cookie Crisp this morning and enjoyed every bite! 🙂

    I believe that ice cream and donouts are better with a generous dose of sprinkles, and that cards should have sparklies on them somewhere, even if its just a little bit. I also believe that I am not the only one like this out there but that for the sake of being mature or *whisper* normal, we try to hide the inner us from the general public. I dont want to do that. I dont want my kids to be constantly second guessing everything they do or say just because it might be different from what others around them are doing. I dont want them to believe something just because its what they are expected to believe, but to know why they believe it and to then be able to explain it to others.

   If I want my kids to be like this then it has to start with me. I have to be willing to say whats on my mind, not with the intention of hurting someone, but because its how you make a difference. I have to be willing to show my inner Bobbie to others even if it gets some laughter. By so doing I might just be giving someone else silent approval to go out and get a fun pair of socks themselves. After all, they make dancing around the kitchen to Disney songs so much more fun than the average sock!


3 thoughts on “Making the inner me happy

  1. You have no idea how bad I needed to read this… I am so struggling with Trinity and telling her it is okay to be her own person. Just this morning I asked why she wasn’t wearing the boots we got her for Christmas (the pair she had been begging for) and her reply was that she had been made fun of. Why must society be like this?! It breaks my heart and I am in a place where I am stuck… so I’m gonna take some Bobbie advice and let my inner child out so my daughter really hopefully understands that it is okay to be your own person.

    • You just made me cry! I went to public school K-5 and once I hit third grade I was always the one that was made fun of. Its no fun but at the same time it was never worth it to try to fit the mold. I know I went through spells of trying but thankfully my mom is great about showing her inner child and always encouraged us to do the same, and you know I dont know if she ever even realized she was doing it. I absolutely adore Trinity and wish that I could give her a big hug right now! You are also an amazing mom who does an amazing job with her family, never forget that! Love you lady!

  2. It’s no fun for anyone when they are picked on, mom and child included! You’re an amazing person, mom and someone I look up to! Thank you for being a huge source of comfort and for your friendship! Thank you again… love you too!

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