A Trip Down the Rutted Dirt Road to Here

   We talk about taking trips down memory lane. However if we are being honest with our memories and ourselves, that lane probably looks more like a rutted dirt road in bad need of a grader. The good news about dirt roads is that they usually have more interesting scenery along the way and the people that choose to travel on them instead of taking the freeway or the highway, are usually a lot more down to earth and relatable than others. With a dirt road you can never be sure of where its going to take you before you get to your destination or of how many wrong turns your accidentally going to take. What I love about the wrong turns is that once you realize you have taken one, you have the ability to back up and turn around and hopefully you will have learned that that’s not the way you need to be going. Sometimes its not that easy for us to see, so we keep bouncing around stuck in the ruts of that two-track, getting more and more frustrated because we haven’t reached our destination yet. It’s not until we stop and remember to dig out the map or ask a local to the area for directions that we can FINALLY get going in the right direction. The key to dirt road travel is to know that you have to be prepared for anything and to keep your sense of humor, after all whats the fun of a road trip if you can’t laugh along the way?! 🙂
   Our dirt road together started almost nine years ago. We were young when we got married and we had our oldest child nine months later. We were on a ranch in Kaycee, Wy and when our son Tucker was around six months old we moved back to Wapiti,Wy, to help my parents rebuild the lodge of their guest ranch that had burnt down. While there, we had our next son Gabriel. After the work there was done we went to our next ranch job and from there to our first job and house in town. That is where we got onto our rutted two-track that took us four years to get off of.
Now don’t get me wrong. I honestly have very few regrets about those four years. We added our daughter Gracie and our son Beau to our family at that time and we grew very close as a family. Living in a two bedroom 750 square foot trailer for four years with six people three dogs and a cat will do that for you! We learned a LOT about ourselves and did a lot of new things. The rut that we got stuck in was thinking that to get ahead we needed to have a town job like everyone else. That thinking led Jason to a roofing job where we met some of our best friends, but a job none the less that he was miserable in. For four years guys!! Life is too short to work a job that you hate!  That’s one of the most important lessons that we learned.
   Another important lesson we learned is that God does not want second best for his children. We started to look into oil rig jobs for Jason so we could save enough money to get out of town. Even though everybody was telling us that the rigs were hiring Jason couldn’t find even one that was looking for help. While randomly looking on the internet one evening he ran across an ad for a ranch hand up in Montana. The ad showed that a ton of people had already responded to it but we decided why not? and emailed his resume that evening. They called him the next day and set up an interview! We found out later that they had received NINETY applications, Jasons was the last one and the last interview they set up. We got a call the day after the interview and finally got to the end of that wrong turn on our dirt road.
   Looking back though, I’m glad we got onto that two-track. We learned to enjoy the scenery along the way and how to laugh even when it made us look crazy.
   We have been blessed beyond measure and I’m so excited that we now live on a dirt road of our choosing and Gods guiding!


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